Unsere – Mother Demoness?

unsere mother goddess demon demoness daemons demonolatry daemonolatryThe Domagick challenge is quickly coming to an end. We only have a few days left, and I find myself asking whether or not I have grown any closer to the nine Daemonic Divinities. When it comes to Verrine and Eurynomous, I believe the answer is yes. In both cases, I felt their energies strongly enough to create digital art pieces for them. This is happened in the past with some of the others, particularly Lucifer and Satan, but I’ve yet to feel that kind of connection with Unsere.

Five the nine Daemonic Divinities are honored by holy days. While one could argue that every day belongs to Satan, who represents the all, there are no traditional holidays for Amducius, Verrine, or Unsere. Despite this, the grimoire of the Delaney family indicates Unsere appears “to women during or after childbirth to breath life into infants.”* Her corresponding month is also February, a time when many Pagans celebrate Imbolc. This festival literally means in the belly, referring to the pregnancy of sheep, so this lends credence to her motherly aspects.

I have often prayed to Unsere this way when in distress, but honestly it can be difficult to hear or see Spirit at those times. She could have been the most radiant light in the world, but I was always too blinded by the misery of hospitals or pain. I keep opening myself up to her bounty now, yet her voice remains soft, and hard to make out. I feel it is important to keep trying.

*Connolly, S.. The Complete Book of Demonolatry (Kindle Locations 870-871). DB Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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