Two Meditations for the Price of One

Domagick Day 11

I meditated on Amducius twice today.

This morning I took a page from S. Connolly’s recent Domagick challenge and spoke to him about what I had planned for the day ahead. After an appointment, I wanted to clear several seminary tasks off my To-Do list. I managed to finish all but one before I had to wrap up my work day. I was just too tired. I’ll complete my edit first thing tomorrow.

This evening’s meditation was purely connecting with his energy again and relaxing. People may wonder at that, seeing as Amducius is the “daemon of destruction.” That’s true, but daemons are multi-faceted beings. Though I have worked with his to help break down many obstacles in my life, that is hardly the only reason why I spend time with him. This evening I just sat for a little while  in his presence.

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