It’s Time to Talk Turtle Power! #domagick


I pleased to announce that my house was free of workmen all day today. It turns out they managed to get the job done early and didn’t have to come back after all. That meant I could dedicate the entire day to magick and art. Hurrah!

First, I made a scrying mirror. When we bought our new TV stand, my family decided not to put on its doors, so that left us with two large pieces of framed glass. They were too beautiful to throw away, and I finally put one of them to good use this morning.

After making sure that neither my partners nor pets would bother me, I used some of the techniques I’d picked up from the Five Warrior Syllables workshop to balance myself elementally. Instead of using the syllables this time, I used the enns of the four elemental daemons, plus the enn of Satan. The elements of the Bon tradition do not correspond perfectly with those of Daemonolatry, as I’ve said before, but the concepts behind the Warrior Syllables practice worked well for elemental balance. Visualizing only five energy centers instead of seven during the process worked perfectly with the use of the five enns too. By the time I was finished, I felt tingly with energy and moved seamlessly into constructing a ritual circle.

I performed a rite to Oso-Lucifer, the Serpent of Wisdom and Self-Knowledge. I asked for him to show me my divine will clearly, so I might know what vocation would make me happy and prosperous in the future. My new scrying mirror took a little while to cloud over but did so more thickly than any I have used before. What I saw surprised me, as it initially involved a turtle, an animal helped I have not seen in some time. Even as I struggled with the metaphor, the vision became more concrete, answering my question in a way I would never have expected. I’ll keep the advice private for now, as I would like to mull it over for a while.

For today’s art, I completed the background for two pieces I have in the works. I also took two photographs for the #developingyoureye challenge.

A Glass Ornament
A Glass Ornament
Edge of an Antique Mirror
Edge of an Antique Mirror

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