Trudging Forward

Yesterday’s reading played out a little differently than I thought. I ended up talking to multiple people about education programs for the public. In every case, slow but steady progress may win the race… but only time will tell.

Today’s cards are:

The Sun – confidence, courage, happiness, vitality, success, will, outward self, charisma, daytime

The Tower – authority, official, institution, government, oversee, ambition, professions, private interest, indoors

The Lily – maturity, old, wise, peace, wisdom, passion, intention, grandfather

I read this as “A happy person of authority gives wisdom or protection.” I’m off to an appointment today that should lead to just that.

My time with the Nine this morning was quiet and uneventful. My new house is nearly in order, and I look forward to getting back to my normal routine next week.

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