Tree Spread: A New Above And Below

I’ve read Tarot and other types of cards for about 30 years now. Something I’ve rarely done in that time is create new spreads. As part of my upcoming seminary training, I have to study divination in depth, and I want to start taking myself to a new level. Or maybe I’m simply going there subconsciously, without even thinking about it. While contemplating one of my favorite poems today, the stanzas started inspiring different Lenormand spreads, including one I’ve named the Tree.

above below lenormand spreads tarot cards fortunetellingThe Tree spread isn’t very complicated and relies on a somewhat more metaphorical meaning of the Tree Lenormand card, which can also refer to someone’s “network.” In this case, the Tree refers to the Axis Mundi, the central axis around which the astral plane or Otherworld revolves in shamanic theory. In magick, it is said that what happens on one level of existence is mirrored on another. “As Above, So Below,” in other words. The purpose of this reading is to see how two situations connect in different realms we effect simultaneously: the mundane world and the spirit plane.

This is how you read the Tree:

  1. Shuffle while thinking of your question.
  2. When you are done, turn the cards face up and look specifically for the Tree card in your Lenormand deck.  This isn’t cheating. This is looking for a specific Significator!
  3. When you find the Tree, the card immediately to its left is Below You. This refers to the situation in the day-to-day world, what grounds you, or what is happening on a conscious level.
  4. The card immediately to the right of the Tree refers to situation in the astral plane, what is above you, and what is happening on a spiritual or subconscious level.
  5. For more insight, you can also read the cards as a triplet, but of course the Tree will always factor into the sentence.


  1. Shuffle the cards while considering your question, then cut the cards into three piles.
  2. Turn over the top three cards in these piles. They become cards Below You, the Situation, and Above respectively.
  3. For more insight, you can also read the cards as a triplet.

(You could also use Tarot to read this spread, without the addition of the triplet at the end.)

And I came up with this before my coffee this morning! I hope that your afternoon is as productive as mine. Happy Friday.

(My thanks to Sarah Anne Lawless for her poem, “The God’s Riddle.” What a piece!)

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