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Tradition Spread for Lenormand and Tarot!

On Day 19 of Month of Spreads, we were supposed to explore The Power of the Tower Tarot card. Unfortunately, I was using the Lenormand. While it has a Tower card, it means something different than “breaking free and rebuilding.” In Lenormand, the tower is all about policy, institutions, conventions, laws, and traditions. With that in mind, I came up with the following spread called “It’s A Tradition!”

(Wow. I am so not… traditional. How about you?)

To read the Tradition spread, shuffle your deck until you feel satisfied and then delivered to such:

Bottom card of the deck – What policies, habits, or traditions drag me down?

Top card of the deck – Which lift me up?

Now turn the deck over and find the Tower card if you are using Lenormand or Tarot. If you’re using a different sort of card oracle, pick an appropriate card from the deck to signify traditions the concept of tradition and find that in the deck.

The card to the left – Which traditions do my ancestors want me to preserve?

The card to the right – What new traditions should I begin?

PS – This spread goes out with special thanks to my friend, D, who recommended a different spread last night that had me falling down the Lenormand reading hole! LOL

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