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Toast with Leviathan

leviathan sigil symbols dulkante demons daemons demonolatry
This is the sigil of Leviathan. His enn is Jedan hoet naca Leviathan. You can find a guided meditation to Leviathan and other spirits of water here. (Graphic by William Briar.)

Leviathan can be seen as an initiating force. Not only do Daemonolaters hold initiations and baptisms on his holy days, but all humans are born into the waters of the womb. It only makes sense that water is featured so highly in rebirth rituals around the world. For the Equinox Rite of Leviathan, I’m returning to what I feel is the real spirit of this month’s Domagick challenge: simplicity.

We were supposed to embrace a beginner’s mind set and take on a new technique, but I’ve done my best to complicate reconnecting with the nine Daemonic Divinities since day one. Rather than simply talk to them, I forced my budding interest in the Lenormand into the conversation before could really get started.

Daily card draws can be a perfectly valid way to speak with spirit or just peek ahead at your day. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t have used them to deepen my relationship with the Nine—except that learning the new language of Lenormand interfered constantly like static on a poor phone line. If the relationship mattered more to me than the cards, I could have opened up my mouth and offered more than just my blood each day.

I can blame the chaos of my recent move on why I didn’t, since towers of boxes and upset felines often made of putting my emotions into my offerings more difficult than usual. Even with using my prayer to draw my attention back to task, my concerns would wander to whatever could go wrong next. Perhaps if I’d been carrying on my end of a conversation, I wouldn’t have felt quite so distracted. Sometimes memorized prayers don’t give your mind enough to do.

Whether or not I could have heard the Nine more easily remains up in the air. I do know that the last three days I spent talking to my deceased grandfather have felt more uniting than the last 20 spent with the Nine in prayer. Today I’m going to let myself ramble with the Daemonic Divinities just as I have with him. I will tell them all about where I am in my life and where I hope to go. I will reacquaint myself with them again after over two years of devoting myself to the spirits of the Ars Goetia. There’ll be a time for the pounding of a drum and a deeper journey on the actual day of the Equinox. For this morning, I will share my tea and toast with the Nine and tell them that I’ve missed them.

And only after I have offered myself at length will I listen.

Hail Leviathan! Hail the Daemonic Divinities.

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