thirteen number monthofspread divination tarot lenormand

Thirteen – Lucky or Not?

thirteen number monthofspread divination tarot lenormand

Today’s Month of Spreads prompt was exactly what I needed. It asked us to look for the good in Friday the 13th. Since I have a fairly important appointment today, I wanted to know what I should look out for in the day ahead. I shuffled my deck until I was satisfied and then drew four cards. From there, I interpreted the standard Lenormand symbols along with the playing card inserts as they corresponded to Tarot cards. This is what I got.

What energy does today bring for me?

Lenormand – The Child – newness, a new beginning, being an amateur
Tarot – Knight of Swords – quick to move and speak mind, spontaneity for good or bad

Is there anything of which I need to be aware?

Lenormand – The Birds – rumours, discussion, my own anxiety
Tarot – Seven of Pentacles – investment, profit, reward

How can they maximize today’s potential?

Lenormand – The Scythe – and do something, quick cutting
Tarot – Knight of Pentacles – efficient, routine, methodical

What should I focus on?

Lenormand – Lily – wisdom, peace, tranquility
Tarot – King of Swords – using intellect, straightforward thinking, possibly a male using these traits


The cards I dressed my concerns clearly. Not only is my appointment about a new beginning, but I must deal with both a lack of experience and possible technological problems during it. Despite this, it is one step in a long line of many and an investment in my future. I must be quick to get over my anxiety and immerse myself in the routine of the work itself. I must focus on the purpose of the appointment, to calm any anxieties I have about it.

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