Thanks to Purson

Purson, I give thee thanks.
You have guided my hand,
Sweetened my tongue,
And whispered my name
In all the right ears.
It is done.

June Domagick Day 9

The interview I had yesterday helped me decide which of the two schools I’d applied to that I liked best. Luckily, both had accepted me. One, however, will push me much further out of my comfort zone. I want that, even though it is a greater risk. What the hell, right? When it comes to my dreams, it’s time to go big or go home.

I dropped my student loan papers in the mailbox last night. The practical part of that is all done with, so I charged the disk I am carrying actively one more time this morning with twenty minutes of meditation. It will continue to charge passively through my daily walks and handling in June and July, along with the others I’m carrying during that time.

When my back-to-school enchantment project is over, I’ll have to figure out what to do with each disk individually. For example, I’ll probably want to keep carrying those I made for Vapula and Ipos, since I’ll want to continue improving my ability to learn and relax over time. Those disks meant to help me cut through specific red tape will need to be remade, like the one I made for Purson. I’m sure to encounter annoying bureaucracy again as a graphic designer, but it will likely be a different sort than the kind I’ve already faced.

Tomorrow I return to relaxation. I’m bloody ready for it. I feel fried after this hectic week of appointments.

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