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Tea – How to Share It with Your Ancestors

Tomorrow many Daemonolaters will celebrate the equinox rite of Leviathan, which is traditional held on September 21st of each year. I plan to hold my ritual on the 22nd, when the actual equinox falls in my city. This rite symbolizes the changing of the daemonic elements. This is the time of water, highly apt since I am working with an ancestor who used to find wells with divining rods in addition to the Nine.

The Rite of Leviathan also symbolizes the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Although autumn supposedly starts tomorrow, it is already rained here for several days. I’ve given up ice cold diet colas for warm drinks.

tea ancestors ancestorworship magick domagick candles
Create a space to share a cup of tea with your ancestors. This can be as plain or as elaborate as you like.

If you’re similarly inclined, here’s a way of sharing water in the form of tea with your ancestors.

  1. Create some sort of space to drink tea with your ancestors.
  2. Brew yourself a large cup of your favorite type.
  3. When the tea is the right temperature to drink, pick it up with your left hand and inhale it scent. Truly try to savor it, for you were smelling it for both yourself and your ancestors.
  4. Transfer the cup to your right hand.
  5. Dip the ring finger of your left hand (the one tied directly to your heart) into the tea. Flick your wet finger three times into the air, once for each of the three levels of the Otherworld. Our ancestors and all their wisdom are said to reside in the Lowerworld.
  6. Dip your ring finger into the tea again. Anoint your third eye, your mouth, and your heart.
  7. Drink half of the tea and leave the remainder in a place you have set up for your ancestors. Let them drink from the energy of the tea as it cools.
  8. If you have pets who may knock over the tea, you can dispose of the tea as soon as it has cooled completely, either by drinking it yourself or returning it outside. Otherwise, let the tea sit on your altar for 24 hours before being respectfully returned to earth.

(If you read cards often you may know what I mean by the following statement: today I fell down the reading rabbit hole. What I saw worried me, so one question quickly led to another. Soon I’d read five different spreads about work and finances. I’d even made a phone call to put my concerns to rest! The candles on my altars had burnt low by the time I’d gotten to the heart of the matter. I packed my cards away feeling better, but even so I’m keeping today’s work for this Domagick challenge to myself.)


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