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Two Choices Tarot Spread

(The featured image is from the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck.)

Domagick Day 27 Continued and Day 28

I asked my partner to read my cards last night. He’s trying to learn tarot, and I wanted an outside perspective, so our objectives lined up nicely. I taught him a new tarot spread that lets you compare two choices.

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The cards I pulled for his reading should have made my decision very clear—especially since they came up again later in the evening during a quick reading I did for myself. Still, my mind remains troubled today. I charged the key tag I carry for Camio with a long enough walk to tire myself out, then prayed and asked for his guidance again.

Today’s Tarot card: The Devil, Reversed. Being bound by fear and anxiety. When I pulled this I started laughing. Yet Camio isn’t being facetious. Life decisions shouldn’t be made from a place of anxiety.

This week for Vapula I have concentrated on learning more about the tools I’m using. Today I tested Kohinoor pencil crayons on Bee marker paper. I hadn’t expected the pencil crayons to work well due to the paper’s slick surface but the test patches looked beautiful. The coverage felt smooth too. I look forward to playing with this some more.

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