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I continue my study of the Major Arcana this week and meditated on the Hanged Man through the Tower. I would have to say that, with the exception of Temperance, every one of these cards has earned a negative reaction from my clients more than once during readings. Their names and images can be shocks to the system, especially to those unfamiliar with their meaning. The truth is that all Tarot cards have the potential to mean something “negative” depending on the question asked and where they fall in the reading. It all depends on context. It also has a lot to do with attitude, and whether one can turn lemons into lemonade.

Here is a link to my work for each Tarot card this week. The majority of these are short poems I wrote about each one after meditating on them. The rest of the lesson I drew from each card is private and I’m keeping it to myself. 😊

XII – The Hanged Man
XIII – Death
XIV – Temperance
XV – The Devil
XVI – The Tower

This week’s card was Temperance, symbolizing balance and taking the middle path, a perfect metaphor for the last seven days. I spent the majority of my daytime hours focused on paperwork and finalizing the details of a six-month divination project I’ve been working on, trying to figure out what I’ve accomplished in that time. Conversely, my evenings have been consumed with either preparing for the winter holidays or celebrating. I spent a good deal of time with friends and family, laughing and enjoying myself.

I expect a similar balance of work and play in the days ahead, as we approach the new year. My card for the week of December 23 twenty-nine is the Wheel of Fortune, indicating change and cycles. What comes up must come down, so have to ride the tide of energy over the next seven days.

How I pick my card for the week is easy. All I do is shuffle while picturing my week ahead and then draw a single card. Some readers prefer to draw three cards for more insight or to even do an in-depth reading involving eight or more cards (as I offer here). Sometimes, however, people want to figure out what card will represent a longer period of time, such as the month or year. While there are readings which centre around the month and year ahead (again offered here), there are number of ways you can figure out your card of the year yourself, using a Tarot deck. There’s always Old Faithful, where you shuffle and draw the card directly from the deck, relying on fate. Otherwise, you can use this method involving your birthday and mathematics, which all result in a card from the Major Arcana. (I’ve found this in two sources: Tarot Tracker by Angelo Nasios and XTarot.)

Birth Month + Birth Day + Year You Want Info About = Reduce Numbers — > Major Arcana Card

For example, someone born on June 21 who wants to know their card for 2019 would do the following math:

06 + 21 + 2019 = 2046 –> 2 + 0 + 4 + 6 = 12 The Hanged Man (You stop when you get a result of 22 or under, with 22 representing the Fool in this system. If you result is greater than 22, keep reducing.)

But what do the results mean? I suggest using your intuition and current knowledge of the Major Arcana to guide you first before turning to any “official meaning.” Go with your gut. What does the card mean to you, personally? What lessons can it teach you for this year? If you are stuck, then refer to your favourite guidebooks or take a peek at the offerings here.

Because I’m following along with 3AM.Tarot as I worked my way through the Major Arcana, I’ll be taking December 23-25 off in honor of the winter holidays. I’ll resume my work with the Star on December 26 and finish up with the world on December 30. May you have an excellent New year!


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