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Tarot and Lenormand: The Second Layer

A recent post by S. Connolly has inspired me. I want to take a look at yesterday’s Lenormand spreads using the cards’ Tarot correspondences. Maybe they will give me more insight into why the Coffin card is stalking my readings. Yesterday, I attributed it to the fact that my practice has focused on the Death Daemonic this month, but there could be more to it than that.

First of all, when I peek at the Coffin card I see it matched up with Nine of Diamonds, which in Tarot becomes the Nine of Pentacles or Disks. This immediately brings to mind material wealth and self-sufficiency, both of which have been on my mind of later. In the Lenormand, this card has to do with endings and financial hard times.

Spread 1:

Reason the Coffin is stalking me – The Snake – Queen of Clubs / Queen of Wands – This card signifies fiery female in the Tarot. Fire can warm or burn you, of course, but the Lenormand emphasizes the negative side of this kind of personality. However, instead of the Snake being about other trying to “steal your fire,” the Queen of Wands reversed indicates that a fear failure hampers my self-expression / activity. That is definitely true in relation to my making money.

How I can better understand the Coffin’s message – The Bear – 10 of Clubs / Ten of Wands – This card also emphasizes the negative side of power, i.e. the burden of responsibility and hard work. If I want to achieve anything, I have to go out and get it.

Spread 2:

Reason the Coffin is stalking me – The Birds 7 of Diamonds / 7 of Pentacles – I’m investing in my future. I know I have to persevere if I want my vision to manifest in reality as long-term, sustainable wealth.

How I can better understand the Coffin’s message – The HeartJack of Hearts / Knight of Cups – Listen to my creative process and imagination. Listen to my heart. Perhaps consult my loved ones.


In all likelihood, devoting my practice to the ancestral worship and the Death Daemonic is drawing those energies closer to me. That’s the way these things are supposed to work, after all. However, I think it is far more likely that the Tarot interpretation is the primary reason why the Coffin card keeps showing up in my readings. We just moved so that I could have an office, and money is problem on my mind a lot of the time since then—even when I don’t know it! Much like the Above and Below spreads, reading the Tarot as well as the Lenormand helped my figure out what what was on both levels of my psyche.

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