January Success, February Goals

January has come to an end, bringing a close to the Inner Demons Challenge, my focus for the last month. I’ve used its divination prompts to successfully generate character ideas for my next romance novella. Here is this week’s recap:

Her – How are you enslaving or limiting yourself?
Him – How are you enslaving or limiting yourself?
Her – How can you inner daemons liberate you?
Him – How can you inner daemons liberate you?
Her – What can you do when your inner daemons surface?
Him – What can you do when you inner daemons surface?
Her and Him – How can you integrate your inner daemons moving forward?

Now that the challenge is over, I must wade through all the disconnected notes and scene fragments to come up with a cohesive set of characters and plot line. It won’t be easy. Some concepts, while good, contradict others. I either have to figure out a way to resolve the contradictions or toss out some of the ideas. That, plus fleshing out the solid skeleton will hopefully be revealed, is my primary goal for February.

I plan to support this work by continuing with my daily morning pages. I am working through the fourth week of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and I find the morning pages more useful in freeing my muse than any other component of the program. I’ll also be adding artistic meditations on the Daemonic Divine to my morning work. Just as I don’t expect literary greatness from my morning pages, I won’t expect artistic masterpieces from these drawings. I’ll consider it sacred doodling instead. The point is to open up my connection to the Divine and to free up my creativity.

These artistic meditations will be the heart of my February Domagick challenge, starting tomorrow. As per usual, I’ll be posting the results daily on social media with an update here on Fridays. I’ll be skipping tomorrow since its a holiday for me and the very beginning of the challenge. There won’t be much to report!

On that note, happy Imbolc/Brigid/Candlemas to those who celebrate it. I’ll be celebrating with my family. Have a good one!

Digging for Belphegore: April Domagick Days 5 – 11

Every day this month, I have been invoking Belphegore and drawing his energy down into myself. This has been an attempt at self-alchemy. I have wanted to transform myself into someone stronger, both emotionally and professionally. In thanks, I am writing a piece of fiction for him.

I always find the success of these workings in the emotional realm hard to judge, especially when I am in the midst of them. I continue to have my bad days and my good days, with stress getting to me on some far more than others. Isn’t that the case for everyone? On the other hand, I’ve also realized that there are certain factors in my life that I currently can’t change. Writing or trying to get any concentrated work done is impossible for me on the weekend, yet I keep trying. Come Sunday, I haven’t gained much ground and I’m much more frustrated than I was before. It’s just not worth it anymore. I have to surrender to the situation.

The same could be said for the story I am writing for Belphegore. I started on one plot, got about 3500 words into it, and knew I was going the down the wrong path. I had the right character (mostly), but this was the wrong story for her. If I kept going, the result would feel forced and lackluster—nothing I’d want to offer to Belphegore. Even if I could salvage what I’d written for another project later on, I knew I had to start his story again. So far, I’ve written 4500 words of it. I’ve been keeping record of my invocations and offerings in brief on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook during that time.

Really, it’s fitting that Belphegore is an earth daemon because this story feels like being on an archeological dig. I started in one direction, thinking I knew where the buried treasure was, only to discover I’d been traveling the wrong way. Once I got back on track, the route to the treasure remains strewn with rubble. Each day I clear away a bit more, revealing another glimpse of my characters, and I have to take notes on what to go back and edit to keep it in line with what I discovered. I usually am a planner when it comes to writing, but I am “pantsing” this one. Neither is better—either way, my output remains painfully slow.

Be that as me may, I promised I would share snippets from what I am writing. As the story is meant to honor Belphegore, I’ll start with this:

belphegore writing fiction erotica