Two Choices Tarot Spread

(The featured image is from the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck.)

Domagick Day 27 Continued and Day 28

I asked my partner to read my cards last night. He’s trying to learn tarot, and I wanted an outside perspective, so our objectives lined up nicely. I taught him a new tarot spread that lets you compare two choices.

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The cards I pulled for his reading should have made my decision very clear—especially since they came up again later in the evening during a quick reading I did for myself. Still, my mind remains troubled today. I charged the key tag I carry for Camio with a long enough walk to tire myself out, then prayed and asked for his guidance again.

Today’s Tarot card: The Devil, Reversed. Being bound by fear and anxiety. When I pulled this I started laughing. Yet Camio isn’t being facetious. Life decisions shouldn’t be made from a place of anxiety.

This week for Vapula I have concentrated on learning more about the tools I’m using. Today I tested Kohinoor pencil crayons on Bee marker paper. I hadn’t expected the pencil crayons to work well due to the paper’s slick surface but the test patches looked beautiful. The coverage felt smooth too. I look forward to playing with this some more.

Thinking in Circles

Camio is known for communicating through pyromancy, but he can also help us see into any situation. I held his disk in my hands and prayed for his guidance this afternoon. Then I asked the advice of two close friends about school. I can’t call this divination, yet having other perspectives certainly helped. Besides that, I ran errands. I didn’t do any work for Vapula, choosing to take this as my day off. My head felt pretty full today, and I all I really wanted to do after getting groceries, etc, etc, was relax.

Domagick Day 25

In response to one of my recent entries on Tumblr, Andrieh-Vitimus asked, “HI William, I would love to see your key ring ( how are you getting them attached, are you using metal disks with a drilled hole, something else?) thats a great idea.. btw.. the key ring.”

I wasn’t sure my readers would know what I meant if I called the disks key tags. Each one is made from a circle of cardstock that has been reinforced with a metal edge. They’re not pretty but are surprisingly durable. After three weeks of being in my pocket all day, they haven’t ripped.

I draw the sigils on the key tags with fine-tip permanent marker. In the photo, it’s obvious how much even this ink fades and feathers after three weeks of handling. That’s okay! I like how personalized they’ve become because of it. The key tags will serve as offerings when they finally give out. I bought the key tags in a lot of 100 for around five dollars, so I can afford to enchant another!

Each tag also comes with a handy little ring, making it each to attach. These are my second attempt, however. The first time around, I used wooden disks purchased in the wedding section of a craft store. Permanent markers worked just as well on them, and the hole that had been conveniently drilled in top of each one could be used to slide them onto my key ring. Unfortunately, the disks themselves were too thick for me to use more than one of them at a time. Since that was my plan this month, I switched to the key tags. You can see my original version in the photo below.

A #magical #charm for the #demon #vapula.
A charm for the demon vapula.

Thank you for the question, Andrieh.

June Domagick Day 25

I would normally dedicate the weekend to Ipos and relaxation but it is also the last Sunday of the month. That means I’m supposed to be in religious classes via Skype for the majority of the day. Of course, Skype dumped my credentials sometime prior to my log on this morning, and I couldn’t find them anywhere I looked. By the time I’d made a new account, I’d missed the first class of the day. The ritual had already started. I’m thankful my teacher makes recordings.

With that work ahead, it made more sense to me that I dedicate today to Vapula and plan to take an afternoon “off” midweek instead. Two hours in seminary seemed like enough for today. I don’t mind including research in my daily “practice hours” as long as I don’t get into a funk and start doing nothing but reading or journaling. Days upon days spent gazing at your navel won’t translate into actually doing magick.

Domagick Day 22

This week continues at a slower pace. My partner feels even more congested today than yesterday, so I spent majority of the day quietly, trying to make him feel better. After running a couple of errands, I even took a nap myself. In terms of magickal work, I meditated and ran energy through the disk I carry on my key ring for Amon.

It is difficult to feel my enchantments working right now, when there isn’t much I can do on the mundane side of things. Luckily, I witness proof from time to time. Since I plan to go back to school alongside my spouse, it is important that his loan is in order too. Loan officers have called our house twice to help fix things, a level of assistance I’ve never encountered before. Thank you, Botis and Amon, for the allies!

For Vapula, I continue to draw every day. I started a new sketchbook on the first of June and I am nearly done it already. It’s been many, many years since I’ve went through one so quickly. I wouldn’t call anything I drew in it a masterpiece, but I can see the quality of my lines progress, and I’m happy with that.

Solstice Sun

June Domagick Day 20

Happy Summer Solstice! I’m going to put my cart before the horse and write about magick before I actually carry it out today. I suspect I will finish far too late to post about it afterward. This afternoon, I will invoke Amon and run energy through the disk I will carry on my key ring in his honor. My family has planned a feast to celebrate him as well, and I will set him out an offering of the honey pork and wine in time for the solstice this evening.

Because today is the solstice, I’m taking it easy in regards to my work for Vapula. I prayed my expertise and knowledge in my field would continue to grow, and then charged her disk on my key ring by carrying it around the mall during my walk. I jumped through a couple of school-related hoops too, but that was it.

All in all, it has been a good day so far, and I expect the celebration tonight to be equally pleasant. Once again, happy solstice. What are your plans?


Amon: Lord of the Solstice

June Domagick Day 19

I’m changing things up a little this week. Instead of making and enchanting a disk on the same day, I am splitting these activities across two days this time around. That’s because I’m working with Amon, who some choose to celebrate on the summer solstice. I’m trying that this year and will honor him with a feast tomorrow. I’ll enchant the disk afterward by running energy through it.

Today I drew Amon’s sigil on the disk I’ve carried on my key ring since the beginning of June. I prayed to him and asked that he help me find allies wherever I go too. Like Botis, Amon is said to reconcile friends. I also asked for other things, which I will keep private. I’ll be carrying out most of the “practical work” for Amon in the later half of the week, when I habe some appointments scheduled.

For Vapula, I spent an hour and a half catching up with all of my students’ quiz answers today. I took time off from their emails and messages over the weekend to spend it with my family, so there were more than usual waiting for me this morning.

Halfway through answering them, I realized I’d forgotten to remove the disk meant to help me relax / dedicated to Ipos. It could be psychosomatic, but I perked up as soon as I’d taken it off my key ring. It could also be the chocolate I had kicked in!


A Good Week, All in All

Domagick Day 16

Errands! Some days you have to run ’em. Today was that day. Before heading out grocery shopping, I said my last prayer to Botis for the week. I will continue carrying his enchanted disk on my keychain over the summer (and most likely well into the school year) but today will be the last day I run energy through it for its initial charging. I will top up its charge through repeated handling and prayer after this. I’ll round out my work with Botis with an offering this afternoon too.

For now it is back to work for me; I have some weekly meal prep to attend to before I can get to his offering, which will most likely consist of art I burn ritually. I hope to do the same for Vapula. Practical work is fine, but I like to make offerings to the spirits whenever I work with whenever possible.

This weekend I will relax a little less with Ipos that usual, as I am picking up a few hours of paid work. That’s okay. For one, it all goes towards the school fund. Secondly, I can concentrate on learning to relax after I’m done helping my brother at his place of employment.

Slow Moving Summer Adventures

Domagick Day 14

Yesterday, as part of my practical back-to-school work, I contacted the financial officer at my new college about filling out a final student loan form. She got back to me today with the name of the person I should speak to instead. I’ve already contacted him and begun making arrangements to have the form signed.

The disk I enchanted for Botis is working at least this well for me thus far; when who I sought for help couldn’t assist me, she passed me on to someone who could. I consider that I win. Of course, I’ll have to see how the disk works over the long haul. I continued to charge it through carrying it while out and about today.

This afternoon’s summer adventure took me to a part of our city I don’t visit particularly often. I captured a few snapshots of the urban landscape, plus a brewing storm. Later today, I plan to return to a pastel drawing I started last night. It’s based on my own photograph, so I’m eager to see how it will turn out.

At nearly half way through the June 2017 Domagick challenge, I would rate it as a success so far, but somewhat lackluster in my neck of the woods. Realistically, that’s a good thing. I’ll have all the excitement I need once I’m back to school!

Every day, a little something!

Domagick Day 13

The pattern of my Domagick Enchantment project is probably becoming apparent now. To draw useful qualities and resources into my life before I go back to school in September, I’ll work with a different spirit each week across June and July. I’ll invoke the spirit and run their energy through a disk I’ll wear on my keychain over that period whenever I am out.

So far this week, I have invoked and charged a disk for Botis. I’ve asked him to help me find allies wherever I go, an ability which I believe will make group work of all types much easier when I am in school. I’ve put my magick into practical application by asking sales people for assistance when researching computers and camera for school.

Today my magickal work was much more laid back. On my way out of the house, I said a mental prayer to Botis as I locked the door, again asking the he aid me in finding allies. My trip to the library, however, turned out to be pleasant but uneventful. I simply charged his disk during the walk itself.

I started a marker piece late last night for the work I am doing with Vapula, and put some finishing touches on it this morning. I also started playing with a couple of photographs which I hope to finish digitally manipulating over the next week or so as time allows. Every day, some art!