Summoning the Confidence to Succeed!

Another Domagick challenge has come to an end. As I mentioned previously, the latest one concentrated on summoning, a topic I find a little bit touchy as a Daemonolater. I chose to call up a magickal persona instead, a confident and knowledgeable personality that would help me fulfill my goals with greater ease. This was different for me than invoking a confident god or a wise goddess and asking for their blessings. I put my writer’s mind to work and figured out what kind of character could succeed at my goals, then channeled that character into me like they were an independent spirit. Summoning the character wasn’t formal in the ceremonial sense, but a meditation on their traits and habits. After I was “in character,” I completed whatever task I’d set out accomplish before dismissing the character again.

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Summon Vs Invoke – What Do They Mean? #domagick

In August 2018, magicians are challenged to “summon a spirit or a set of spirits for 30 days to transform an aspect of your life.” This sounds good, except for one thing. I’m a Daemonolater, and Daemonolaters don’t summon or command spirits to appear. We prefer to invoke or invite spirits instead. Invocation is the subject of the October Domagick challenge too, which means the writer sees a difference between the words too. I recognize, however, that their difference might not be the same as mine.

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