Anubis – The Holy Jackal #domagick


Last night’s sound healing class was as fantastic as the first. I found it easier to open up this time around than I did previously, possibly due to having met each of the participants once before, but more likely because we spent a portion of the evening sharing: song, stories, and tea. I was in a good mood when I left—and intrigued but a new idea. We’d talked about how the word ‘holy’ connects to the concept of ‘wholeness;’ in some traditions, healers do not consider their patients broken at all. It’s certainly something to ponder in regards to my personal domagick challenge.

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Come Into the Light #domagick


I continued today with the five warrior syllables but did not feel any tingling in my third eye. This might have been because I vibrated the syllables in front of my partner, which made me feel somewhat self-conscious. He didn’t care what I was doing, yet I remained aware someone else was in the room who wasn’t taking part in my spiritual practice. This continues to be a problem with having downsized our apartment; we pay less rent, but I also have far less space within which to work. So far, I can’t see any way around it except moving my practice from place to place so I can be alone. With my fibromyalgia, I find this sometimes tires me out so much that I then don’t want to practice magick at all. I know I will find a solution, but one just hasn’t come to me yet.

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Starting Five Warrior Syllables Practice #domagick


For today’s practice, I chanted the Five Warrior syllables of the Bon tradition and then move directly into vibrating the enn of Salleos. I didn’t worry about using hand gestures because I wanted to concentrate on memorizing the syllables this time around.  By the time I was done, tingling had spread across the bridge of my nose, just beneath my third eye. It continued for several minutes afterward. I doubt I understand the concept fully, and that’s what the workshop I am attending this weekend is for, but I can feel some effect from this elemental balancing technique already. I feel calmer and more centered now than I did when waking up. I look forward to learning more about and incorporating it into my daily work.

Here is the video from which I picked up the basic idea.

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