Energy – How to Send Prayers and Healing

People of many faiths light candles in times of crisis. What happens once the flame is lit varies from religion to religion, but usually prayers are said on for those in need. Healing energy may also be sent directly to those hurting. While some people may think this a modern practice made popular by today’s Pagans and New-Agers, this simply isn’t the case. History shows that shamans also sent out attending spirits to heal and aid the people under their care. Having a friend ask you to “send good vibes” certainly sounds less complicated… but that doesn’t mean you necessarily know where to begin.

If you wish to send someone prayers or healing today, visualize kneeling at the edge of a small stream. Its water is pure and crystalline—so clear that you can see light dance on the smooth stones at the stream’s bottom. Watch the water for a moment. You may purify yourself or drink from it if you wish. When you are done, take a deep breath and inhale beauty of the place around you.

Now turn to your left. You will see an unlit candle sitting in the grass at your side. Take it in your hand. Channel your warmth, compassion, and healing into the candle, picturing the person you wish to help. (If you simply wish to send good will into the universe, you can envision that too.) The wick begins to smolder, then bursts into flame. Once the candle is ablaze, set it in the stream.

Watch as the candle floats away, carrying your energy to those in need of aid and comfort. Its light bobs on the water, growing smaller and smaller until into disappears completely. Know that your assistance has been received.

If you feel the need, you can drink from the stream again to replenish yourself. When you feel your time with the stream is done, thank the water and return to your regular day. Ground yourself by having something to eat and drink.

Daemonic Spirit Songs: A How-To Guide

I’m cheating a little when it comes to the September Domagick challenge. Not on purpose, mind you. Andrieh also encouraged us to embrace the beginner’s mindset and adopt a new hobby. I got a jump on that when I learned how to put together the e-book and print versions of Daemonic Shamanism.

The process was much more difficult than I’d expected. I had thought my other computer skills would somehow give me an edge, but I felt like an utter notice instead. I’m still worrying I did something wrong!

Even so, I’m itching to play with those tools again. The last couple challenges have proved I love design, and this is a whole new realm for me to play in if nothing else. I should understand the online software far better by the time I complete my next manuscript.

What that book will be about, I don’t know. I’m plodding back and forth between a few projects right now, with all of them in their infancy. None of them feels like the “one” yet, but that’s okay. For now, I’m satisfied with my work, albeit slow-going. On the other hand, I was asked recently why I hadn’t put together a different drumming pattern for each of the daemons mentioned in Daemonic Shamanism. I suppose I could record something like that as a follow-up if enough people were interested. Those rhythms would be classified as spirit songs, however.

Spirit songs can contain lyrics or be entirely instrumental. These songs act as conversations between the singer and the intended spirit, like a prayer. They can be used as invocations, praise, or requests. If sung with full intent and directed energy, spirit songs can also be used as offerings and the focus of an entire rite.

Unfortunately, opening up like this can be difficult for many people in group settings like drumming circles. It is for that reason that I feel it is easiest to come up with new spirit songs in private. Besides which, my spirit song for Lucifer may not work for others. When I invoke him with song, I envision a canary I had a child and try to mimic its tweets. My whistling would likely disappoint those wanting a 4/4 beat!

To Create a Daemonic Spirit Song

Begin by constructing a balanced elemental circle. If you are planning on journeying afterwards, makes sure to take the additional directions discussed in Daemonic Shamanism into account. When you’re done, sit in the center with your back straight but not rigid. Take a few deep breaths to still your mind.

Slowly chant or sing an enn of your choosing over and over under your breath. Set a beat by clapping your hands. (You can play a drum or rattle if you have them.)

You may feel the urge to speed the enn up or get louder. Go with it. Go with your fumbles too. It’s okay to screw up. Just give the spirit song all you have, concentrating on whatever you want to tell the spirit. When you feel the conversation coming to an end, change rhythm sharply to signal this. If you’ve read Daemonic Shamanism, use your personal callback. Either way, bring the song to a close.

If you have more work you wish to do, continue your rite. If not, thank the spirit for their presence and open your circle. Make sure to ground yourself when you are done.

For more information on daemonic enns or detailed instructions on how to cast a balanced elemental circle, please pick up S. Connolly’s Complete Book of Demonolatry.

Drink with Me: The Rite of Imbibement


Welcome to my last entry for the March Domagick Challenge. Honestly, I’m glad it is over. Blogging on a daily basis has taken up too much of my time. No offense! I prefer to spend more time living life than writing about it, and this month the balance tipped too far the other way for my liking.

I made sure to start today off right, however. As soon as I was dressed, I chanted the Five Warrior Syllables 21 times. From there, I moved into intoning the Five Elemental Words and the enn of Crocell. I left for my errands today feeling much more centered than I have been as a result. This means that I must continue this practice regardless of whether or not the challenge has come to an end. It’s simply that important to my well-being.

"Anointment" by William Briar, watercolor marker on illustration board. #demonolatry #demons #domagick
“Anointment” by William Briar, watercolor marker on illustration board. From a memorized and meditated on reference photo.

Once home from my errands, I gathered my art supplies, sat down at my desk, and tried to capture a couple “snapshots” of a ritual I was simultaneously conducting in the astral. Crocell had suggested a couple of days ago that I host a Rite of Imbibement for disliked parts of myself. I’d had my doubts but Crocell’s sigil kept popping into my mind. In my opinion, it resembles a winged chalice atop the alchemical symbol for fire—which makes sense since he is a daemon that is supposed to warm water. I thought it was highly likely that he might warm the hearts of those willing to share ritual wine with one another too, so I decided to go through with the ritual.

Through the Tarot, I asked Crocell afterward how the rite had gone and pulled the Knight of Cups in response. I sensed this meant I have taken a step in the right direction and made a great start, but there is still work to be done. My quest is not yet over.

When I asked him if I had grown thanks to the Domagick Challenge, I received a similar response. I turned over the Three of Wands. In other words, I completed this month of work but it is just the beginning of the work ahead of me. I agree with this assessment. I’ve discovered the main triggers feeding my anxiety yet I haven’t “cured” it, if such a thing is even possible. Then again, I said I would be satisfied with a reduction in the amount of anxiety I feel. I suppose I must keep that promise and not feel disappointed that I haven’t discovered a magickal pill that makes it go away overnight.

Conversely, I have pushed my own boundaries repeatedly this month. Whenever I’ve realized I’m holding myself back for no good reason, I’ve done the thing I was afraid to do. I don’t like seeing myself as a coward, so I’m determined not to be one. I also had a serious discussion about finances with my partners this morning and how to resolve our issues with them as a team. That is also a huge step towards lessening my anxiety, and I believe things are truly looking up.

Staring Anxiety Down #domagick


I discovered this morning that the part of the domagick site which picks up articles from other portions of the internet wasn’t catching my WordPress posts. Thanks to help from some of the other participants, I found out why quickly too. For some reason, it’s only seeing full entries from Tumblr, not WordPress. This left me with something of a quandary. Did I care enough about being heard by others to return to a site that had caused me so great anxiety in recent years?

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With a Song in My Heart, I Look Fear in the Face #domagick

In the past, many people have said, “music hath charms to soothe the savage beast.” That’s because they got the quote by Congreve wrong. I understand why, too. The phrase “savage breast” brings such strange images to mind nowadays. Maybe the public chose to go with the sentence which made more sense to them, quote be damned. After all, what parent hasn’t tried a lullaby at least once when their child started crying for no reason?

In our infancy, we are at our most primal—driven entirely by our needs without thought for what society says we should want. Those worries come later, when we learn how to be civilized. Sadly, the better we become at fulfilling others, the worse we tend to be at fulfilling ourselves. If we’re taught to fret about the opinions of others too early, we might not even remember the goals and desires we left behind. This leads some of us to search outside ourselves for missing pieces that aren’t really gone at all, only suppressed and ignored. I believe music has the power to lure the angry and wounded parts of us back into the light for healing.

Previously on my blog, I talked about a novel that scared me so much that I couldn’t finish writing it, and how my fear blocked me from nearly any writing fiction afterward. Since posting how I’d decided it’s time to tackle the project again, I’ve had nightmares frequently. Some are truly awful, others merely nonsensical, but a good deal of them feature labyrinth symbolism I can’t ignore. The book is obviously weighing on my mind although I haven’t started it yet.

demon daemon MalphasBut I didn’t want to go in unprepared. First, I wanted to work with the daemon Malphas to build myself a place of safety and creativity in which to write. The old books magicians are supposed to care about say he can strengthen our defenses. The grimoires also depict Malphas as a giant, humanoid raven. Considering that makes Malphas look like the long lost, twin brother of my novel’s monster, I figured I could face a fear or two when I contacted him.

Few people know that ravens are our largest songbirds. Of course, their love songs sound a little like gargling rocks, but so do mine on most days. That’s why I chose to invoke Malphas with song this week. I sang his enn whenever I invited him into my circle, occasionally adding the beat of my rattle as a counterpoint.

It was difficult for me to open up that way. I know each spirit-song was meant to be a conversation between me and the Divine, but I remained keenly aware of the size of our new apartment. My family sat just down the hall every time I worked with Malphas, and I was certain they could hear me crooning and cawing away. It was nerve-wracking until the rites gained momentum. Then it was just… me and Spirit. I didn’t care who heard.

I hope that I will feel the same way throughout March. To support the work that I will be doing on the novel, I’ll be integrating sound into my life in the following ways during the #domagick challenge:

EVERY DAY – I will write my novel for one hour, without planning anything in advance, using a soundtrack I created for inspiration. I will not judge or even looking back at the work until the end of the month.

EVERY DAY – I plan to make some new art, even if all I do is photograph or draw something I love. If possible, I will listen to upbeat music while I work.

EVERY DAY – At minimum, I will sing the enns of the daemons I’m working with and run their energy through my chakras. This month I’ve chosen Salleos (for love), Ose (for self-understanding), Sitri (for a passionate life), and Crocell (to soften hard emotions).

EVERY WEDNESDAY – I am attending a sound healing class here in my city.

MARCH 10 to 12 – I am attending a workshop on the how to use the 5 Warrior Syllables.

In short, I aim to use music and sound as a method of lessening my anxiety and improving my confidence level throughout March. Whenever I feel particularly stressed, I hope to use vibration as the reset switch for my mood. If nothing else, I am learning two new sound-based techniques that I can add to my shamanic practice and Reiki repertoire.

Wish me luck. Now get out there and #domagick!

Get off that couch and change yourself! #domagick

I nearly wrote it off as a bad Nyquil trip when Arnold Schwarzenegger came to me in a journey a couple weeks ago and said, “Do da magik!” Luckily, I listened to him, and the spirit wearing his face helped me relax after the stress of moving house. Yet it’s only now that I realize Arnie spouted prophecy. Andrieh Vitimus just opened up a brand new site called, and that can’t be a coincidence! Schwarzenegger must have been telling me to sign up for Andrieh’s first 30-day challenge for magicians. How could I not? Even if I didn’t already enjoy Andrieh’s work—and a good challenge—I can’t ignore the Terminator’s advice!

All joking aside, I’m looking forward to the results this March. The crowd listed as participating so far is an interesting mix and includes at least one other Daemonolater. Whenever I’ve mentioned handing in notes to the teacher of my Goetic Immersion course, I’ve been talking about S. Connolly. Her course and all the conversations that have arisen from it have changed my magick and life for the better, so it feels good that I’ll be able to cheer her on for a change as we undertake a month of self-transformation. You can read her first post on the Do Magick challenge at her blog. I’ll be spending the rest of February on research, as Andrieh’s suggests, and then posting my results here starting March 1st.. I’ll also link my posts on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to follow the #domagick hashtag so you don’t miss a thing.

Whatever you call yourself—witch, magician, occultist, Grand High Pope of Pagandom—I strongly encourage you to take part in Andrieh’s challenge. Personally, I don’t think it matters what path you follow. I believe we get better at magick just like we get better at anything else: through practice. I’m not certain we are ever truly meant to perfect magick, however. We can get a spell right and fill an empty wallet. We can chant a mantra correctly and fill an empty soul. Yet we remain human, and to be human is to always need or want more. Our pocketbook may feel like it has a hole in it again, even if it doesn’t. Our heart may ache again, although modern medicine could ever find any reason why. It is my opinion that we cannot change this aspect of what we are, though some religions preach ways of doing so. We can only rise above the pain of need and want for a moment. That is why I feel we can never truly perfect magick, but through magick we can strive to perfect ourselves.

I feel it is important to talk about the process of perfection in this day and age, in a world where being imperfect and different can sometimes have terrible consequences. I worry some people voted for Donald Trump because of how he ridiculed a disabled individual, and it makes me almost physically ill. I only have family in the States; I can’t imagine how Americans must feel. I applaud everyone speaking out, especially pagans. Realistically, they could end up on a list someday. You don’t have to be a history expert to know what a witch-burning is. The reaction I’ve received more than once received for talking about my faith to local folk has often made me want to be quiet about being a Daemonolater—and they were pagans. But hey! Somebody has to be the black sheep at every gathering… or be accused of sacrificing the sheep, anyway. Little do they know I still occasionally have misgivings about feeding my snake.

I honestly believe that everyone participating in the March Do Magick challenge can change their life for the better. During the seventeen months of daily work I’ve undertaken so far for the Goetia program, I’ve refined my ability to hear spirits, learned new divination systems, become a Reiki Master, and re-connected with my patron. In that time, I’ve also lost another sixty pounds. I was already on my weight loss journey before I started the Goetia program, but I know I stayed on it because of some of the spirits that rode my ass. I may not see as dramatic results in these thirty days, but I don’t even know exactly how I’ll be seeking to transform myself yet.

I do know that sharing my magick publicly will be an act of courage for me. I may come off as confident when teaching a class or in a forum online, but that is only after I’ve swallowed the huge lump of anxiety in my throat. As I’ve said before, people don’t always react well to the Daemonolater label. Or many of the other labels I’ve chosen to cling to over the years, frankly. Since Arnie came into my life, I’ve begun to notice that they’re not keeping me afloat as easily as they used to do. Rather than acting as life rafts, they’re a bit more like anchors. And since no one who asked me to use them, I think it may be time to kick off those chains and see where I drift, pulled by the currents of my own will.

March will be a fantastic month.

Sigil Magick For Beginners – Change Your Life with Squiggles!

It it possible for a weird looking symbol to change your life? Yes! Creating and using a sigil is one of the most effective—and easiest ways to focus your will magickally.

If you’ve never used sigil magick before, try this simple craft and meditation.

assholes will stay away from me sigilFirst, find a symbol summarizing what you want to accomplish. You can also doodle to come up with a shape spontaneously. Try to keep it as simple as you can. It’s okay to go through several rough drafts, but don’t draw the final version yet. While you are doing this, try to come up with a positive statement that embodies what you want to do as well. Make sure it is brief and easy to say, like a mantra. If you feel stuck, come up with the phrase first and then pick out one or two of its keywords. Use the letters in the words to help make your sigil.

When you feel like you have come up with something approaching the final sigil and phrase, find a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil. You can choose any colors that seem appropriate but aim for one of two effects. Either pick or pencil that contrasts with the paper, like the black and white image above, or use a color that fades more easily into the background, as shown in the three gray-on-gray examples. (Feel free to print out and use any of these sigils, by the way. You can click on them to see them better.)

Now find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes. Shut your pets out and turn off your phone if you need to do so. Get comfortable in a chair, resting the sigil on your knees or on a table in front of you.

Let your breathing slow while you gaze at it, but don’t stare. Trace its lines lightly with your eyes. Begin to say the phrase you have chosen repeatedly. If you can do this out loud rather than in your mind, all the better. If your eyes begin to lose focus or look ‘through’ the paper, that is all right. If your mind begins to drift, that’s fine too. Simply guide your attention gently back to the sigil and keep repeating the phrase. Your tongue may trip and parts of the sentence may even turn into what sounds like nonsense. Go with it. You are weaving your spell. If you feel inspired to sing your phrase or intone it some other way, do so.

When you feel like you can remember the sigil well, close your eyes. Visualize it glowing whatever color seems most powerful to you. Let the glow become bigger and brighter until it fills the whole room—the whole world. Picture yourself standing up and stepping into the very heart of the sigil you created. Still reciting your spell, let the sigil’s power flow through your body and fill you with its essence. When you are about to overflow with its light and power, clap your hands sharply, sending the sigil and the spell flying out into the cosmos.

Open your eyes and wiggle your fingers and toes when you are ready. Go have something to drink and eat to re-energize yourself. Should you wish to, you can keep the sigil you have created, but you do not need to dwell on it or study it every day. Celebrate what you have done and go about your life confidently, knowing you have already reached your goal.


Shield Me From Outrageous Fortune – A Sigil for Glasya Labolas.

According to the Ars Goetia, Glasya Labolas can see the past and fortell the future, can teach you how to make yourself invisible, and can make friends and foes fall in love with one another. Then again, he also is supposed to delight in bloodshed and slaughter.

Glasya Labolas
Glasya Labolas from the Dictionnaire Infernale.

I take ominous statements like these with boulder-sized grains of salt. After all, the Dictionnaire Infernal describes him as a horned dog with griffin wings too. It been impossible not to laugh while picturing the shenanigans a little hellhound could get into this week. What’s wrong, Glassie? Did Timmie fall down the well? Do you want another soul? Wish me luck with my puppy training class in December.

I created this is alternate sigil for Glasya Labolas using Gematria values and the square of Mercury. In my mind, it represents an oracle kneeling to read cards, runes, crystals, etc. It also represents the cloak of invisibility Glasya Labolas can teach us to use to hide our activities when necessary.

All mages must know, dare, will, and be able to keep silent. Some magick can only come to fruition when kept secret. You wouldn’t want to give away all the details of your wards and shields, would you?

The phrase above (also known as an enn) can be chanted just like a mantra while staring at the sigil in a a relaxed state. I often take a purifying bath before I contact spirit and then meditate to clear my mind. When I feel centered and ready, I’ll write out my intent by hand. Sometimes I won’t go any further than ‘praying on paper,’ but I’ve found reading prayers aloud and / or burning them can help make what I’ve asked for manifest much more quickly. If nothing else, it help my brain focus on what I want. As a magician, I know that’s half the battle. If I still feel like ritual is required after I’ve completed my prayers, I could then use this sigil and enn as part of my circle casting and invocation if desired.

(I got the background of the pieceabove from Freepik. It was made by harryarts. He is available for freelance work and can be reached at