Easy Lenormand Set Review

This is the #easylenormand set, which has a great book but lackluster cards. #lenormand

Domagick Sept 11 2017 Since I reviewed The Scrying Ink Lenormand app yesterday, it only makes sense that I review the deck that I have been using to talk to the Nine all this time. It’s also the one that I have been using for the majority of my Lenormand studies so far. I purchased […]

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Review of SHADOW MARBAS by Audrey Brice

Back in the old days, when a witch deserted his coven, the coven sought revenge. Jacob Mallory knew the stories, but he left Shadow Marbas anyway. The saga begins. After a disagreement between Cult of Lucifuge and Temple Apophis leaves Jacob defenseless and he discovers Marbas’ remnants of a curse, he seeks protection from Luciferโ€™s […]

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Vampire Novel Provides Fresh Blood

I’ve considered myself an amateur vampirologist for a long time. I bought a copy of Bunson’s Vampire Encyclopedia in 1993 and nearly wept when the dog-eared paperback fell apart five years later. By then it had already become the lighthouse that helped me navigate the stormy seas of poorly written vampire film and fiction. Thanks […]

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