Thanks to Purson

Purson, I give thee thanks.
You have guided my hand,
Sweetened my tongue,
And whispered my name
In all the right ears.
It is done.

June Domagick Day 9

The interview I had yesterday helped me decide which of the two schools I’d applied to that I liked best. Luckily, both had accepted me. One, however, will push me much further out of my comfort zone. I want that, even though it is a greater risk. What the hell, right? When it comes to my dreams, it’s time to go big or go home.

I dropped my student loan papers in the mailbox last night. The practical part of that is all done with, so I charged the disk I am carrying actively one more time this morning with twenty minutes of meditation. It will continue to charge passively through my daily walks and handling in June and July, along with the others I’m carrying during that time.

When my back-to-school enchantment project is over, I’ll have to figure out what to do with each disk individually. For example, I’ll probably want to keep carrying those I made for Vapula and Ipos, since I’ll want to continue improving my ability to learn and relax over time. Those disks meant to help me cut through specific red tape will need to be remade, like the one I made for Purson. I’m sure to encounter annoying bureaucracy again as a graphic designer, but it will likely be a different sort than the kind I’ve already faced.

Tomorrow I return to relaxation. I’m bloody ready for it. I feel fried after this hectic week of appointments.

Domagick Day 8

As I expected, my Domagick work today will be mostly practical. I have a school-related interview this afternoon. Afterward, I will sit and run energy briefly through the enchanted disks on my keyring before finally mailing in my loan application. I want to concentrate on the qualities I’m trying to bring into my life first. For example:

  • With my charm dedicated to the daemon Vapula increases my artistic expertise and knowledge.
  • My charm for Ipos helps me relax after I’ve put in my eight hours.
  • My Purson charms makes sure I receive all the money I’ve applied for to go back to school.

With all this said and done, I will be off to pastel class to apply the artistic skills I’ve already have! It is going to be a very long day.

The Beauty In Mistakes

Domagick Day 7

I finally got to remake the enchanted disks for my back-to-school Domagick project last night. This meant starting my June work all over, but I’d decided the wooden ones I’d made first were too heavy for my key chain; I was willing to learn from my mistake if could find lighter materials. I purchased new key tags made of cardstock circles stabilized with outer rings of aluminum. Besides being lighter and cheaper, they take calligraphy ink better too. I drew the sigils of Vapula, Ipos, and Purson on three different key tags last night. In every case, my second try turned out better than the first.  I’m glad I made another attempt at them.

Thankfully, I only spent a minor amount of time on paperwork today. I expect I will be back to the practical aspect of my back-to-school enchantment project tomorrow. Be that as it may, today I was able to spend the majority of my free time on actual enchantment instead.

I meditated and spoke to the spirits in question, telling them what I needed each disk to do for me. At the same time, I ran energy through the disks themselves. The whole thing took about forty minutes. I’ll continue to charge them actively with ritual/meditation whenever my schedule allows, plus carry them on my key ring whenever I am walking to pick up a passive charge.

June Domagick Day 6

I put practical work before magick today. I spent most of the morning speaking to a trusted advisor about my back to school worries, and spent the afternoon jumping through hoops to get my student loan application in order. I’ve had to submit the same piece of identification three times now, so the wheels of bureaucracy have definitely become sticky early in the process. I didn’t get my hands on the art supplies for the enchantment half of this week’s project until the early evening, and by then I was pooped. Today really proved to me how much further in improving my energy level I have to go before the start of classes in September. I will try again tomorrow.

Purson to the Rescue

Domagick Day 5

I’d expected student loan forms to become available today, and they did. I also expected that I’d need the help of the demon Purson to complete my application successfully. I wasn’t sure why, but my instincts told me I would encounter more problems than my son recently had filling out his own. Since Purson is known for granting dignities and favors, he fits perfectly into my back to school enchantment project, so I contacted him through art before trying to proceed. His energy felt bright and warm—just a little spicy. I connected to it well.

This is a good thing, because it seems my Spidey Sense was correct. Getting a student loan will be a lot more complicated for me than it was for my son. My being out of school for twenty years means that a good deal of my information isn’t in the newest systems. That, in turn, means I have to apply on paper instead of online. Throw a name change in there, and I really confused the powers-that-be! Everything could take upwards of a month to process.

I’d planned to enchant an actual item to carry on my keyring today as part of the June Domagick challenge, but wanted to get know Purson better before including him in the rite / meditations. I’ve also found something better to use than the wooden disks I’ve been enchanting so far, so I want to start again from scratch.

I don’t feel bad about that. In a way, I feel it is part of my greater work with Vapula for my back to school project. The whole point in going back to school is to increase my expertise. Doing that involves throwing out designs that don’t work once you have tested them. It’s part of the process.