Prayer to Delepitoré

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 27

(I’m shifting focus away briefly from my house and land sprites to work with the daemoness Delepitoré this evening. This is a brief prayer intended for her as part of my rite. It includes her daemonic enn, or the phrase used to invoke / invite her into my ritual space.)

Hail Delepitoré!
Deyen Pretore Ramec Delepitoré On Ca!
Daemoness of Sorcery, bless me.
All spells are known to you.
All magicks are mastered by your hands.
Bless me with your wisdom.
Baptize me with your gifts.
Let my talents grow in the coming year,
And my knowledge grow to match it.
Lady of the Arcane, bless me.

Prayer for the Nine Daemonic Divinities

candles prayer nine demonic divinites demons daemons demonolatry daemonolatry lenomrandSince it is the last day of the Domagick challenge, I decided to keep my time with the nine Demonic Divinities simple. My typical daily prayer has changed a little over the course of the month. Now it tends to go as such:

This offering is for Lucifer, that I may know enlightenment.
This offering is for Flereous, that I may know desire.
This offering is for Leviathan, that I may know wisdom.
This offering is for Belial, that I may stability.
This offering is for Satan, that I may know the All.
This offering is for Unsere, that I may know bounty.
This offering is for Eurynomous, that I may know rebirth.
This offering is for Amducius, that I may know determination.
This offering is for Verrine, that I may know health.
This offering is for the Nine, that I may know them well.

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Energy – How to Send Prayers and Healing

People of many faiths light candles in times of crisis. What happens once the flame is lit varies from religion to religion, but usually prayers are said on for those in need. Healing energy may also be sent directly to those hurting. While some people may think this a modern practice made popular by today’s Pagans and New-Agers, this simply isn’t the case. History shows that shamans also sent out attending spirits to heal and aid the people under their care. Having a friend ask you to “send good vibes” certainly sounds less complicated… but that doesn’t mean you necessarily know where to begin.

If you wish to send someone prayers or healing today, visualize kneeling at the edge of a small stream. Its water is pure and crystalline—so clear that you can see light dance on the smooth stones at the stream’s bottom. Watch the water for a moment. You may purify yourself or drink from it if you wish. When you are done, take a deep breath and inhale beauty of the place around you.

Now turn to your left. You will see an unlit candle sitting in the grass at your side. Take it in your hand. Channel your warmth, compassion, and healing into the candle, picturing the person you wish to help. (If you simply wish to send good will into the universe, you can envision that too.) The wick begins to smolder, then bursts into flame. Once the candle is ablaze, set it in the stream.

Watch as the candle floats away, carrying your energy to those in need of aid and comfort. Its light bobs on the water, growing smaller and smaller until into disappears completely. Know that your assistance has been received.

If you feel the need, you can drink from the stream again to replenish yourself. When you feel your time with the stream is done, thank the water and return to your regular day. Ground yourself by having something to eat and drink.