It’s Time to Talk Turtle Power! #domagick


I pleased to announce that my house was free of workmen all day today. It turns out they managed to get the job done early and didn’t have to come back after all. That meant I could dedicate the entire day to magick and art. Hurrah!

First, I made a scrying mirror. When we bought our new TV stand, my family decided not to put on its doors, so that left us with two large pieces of framed glass. They were too beautiful to throw away, and I finally put one of them to good use this morning.

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Black Kites and Red Flowers #domagick


I made another burnt offering to Oso today. Afterward, I launched the sigil I’d created. I sang Oso’s enn during both, my song becoming more and more sibilant as I went along. The imagery that appeared in my mind’s eye during the launch was distinctly different than usual. Strangely, I heard it as a senryū at the same time:

Black kite flies over
the white-capped mountains of hope—
my fears disappear.

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