Personal Pantheon Spread

I could barely motivate myself to do anything but huddle in a sweater and write today. The cold weather is truly setting in for my city. Still, I have witchy work to conduct tonight, so I need to speak to my spirits. When I need to touch base quickly, I use the Personal Pantheon Spread for Tarot or Lenormand.

Before shuffling the cards, I try to make myself more receptive their messages. For me, this means dimming the lights and any outside noises. I tend to light a candle and some incense too, but this isn’t necessary. If I have the time I will also construct a balanced ritual circle and connect with my highest power. It isn’t always possible, though. When that’s the case, I simply say a quick prayer and shuffle until I feel satisfied.

I deal five cards in a flower or star like pattern. The first one, placed in the center, represents the spirit itself. I deal four more cards in a circle, starting in the east and working to the north. (If you don’t know the exact directions, go with your gut instinct.) The card in the east indicates what the spirit wants me to know. The card sitting in the south indicates what the spirit believes I should want. The card in the west points to what the spirit believes I should feel. Lastly, the card in the north shows what the spirit wants me to do.

For example, in my own Private Pantheon spread, I pulled:

the center – the spirit itself – the snake / queen of clubs – deception, complications, betrayal, and lies… or a woman that gets what she wants, driven by her will, and can be disliked for it. Lillith immediately came to mind

the east – what the spirit wants me to know – the house / kind of cups – family, familial time, home, a man rule by creativity and his heart; possibly that my heart rules my thinking

the south – what the spirit believes I should want – the coffin / 9 of pentacles – end, finish, culmination, but one that comes to a satisfaction or self-sufficiency; this has connotations of stability and livelihood, like the anchor

the west – what the spirit believes I should feel – the book / ten of pentacles – knowledgeable, learned, intelligent, educated, but all with the ten of pentacles that I have come into my own, my inheritance, that I have the resources I need

the north – what the spirit wants me to do – the bouquet / queen of swords – reward, gift, beautify, decorate, but also female air, a thinker, organized and methodical, possibly perceived as cold; this is the other side of Lillith, the she is both serpent and owl

If I look at the triplets:

book + snake + house = learn complications home.

bouquet + snake + coffin = reward complications end.


This seems to be quite a generic reading (i.e. think about your family or I think with my heart), but the triplets give me something to ponder. Either way, it seems Lillith wands an offerings, and so I made this for her. It was the least I could do for her help, and for a member of my personal pantheon.

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