Spring Awakening

bear lucifer demon daemon demonolatry daemonolatry satan

I continue to work on my personal oracle over this last week, painting portraits of Leviathan, Eurynomous, and Astaroth. I’m particularly pleased with the work I did on Astaroth’s painting, as I’ve struggled to capture her on paper for some time. I also began canvases for Unsere, Verrine, and Amducius. I still have at least […]

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Joy Through Play – Feb Domagick Week 4

The latest Domagick challenge is nearly complete. Its theme was meditation, and while it was recommended that we give classical forms a try, I chose to meditate each day with my paintbrush in hand on the Daemonic Divine. I’d hoped that the artistic meditations would deepen my connection to the Daemonic Divine as well as […]

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Toast with Leviathan

toast leviathan conversations demons offerings domagick sigils demonolatry daemons daemonolatry

Leviathan can be seen as an initiating force. Not only do Daemonolaters hold initiations and baptisms on his holy days, but all humans are born into the waters of the womb. It only makes sense that water is featured so highly in rebirth rituals around the world. For the Equinox Rite of Leviathan, I’m returning […]

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