Floating with Amducius

amducius floating domagick meditativeacts meditation demons

Today proved again to me why daily practice is important. I didn’t expect anything special to happen when I sat down to meditate this evening. If anything, I thought that my session would be rather lackluster. Since I’d put in a couple hours editing a piece I’m working on and I was tired, I didn’t […]

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Amducius: Unicorn with Hands

amducius unicorn domagick meditativeacts meditation demons demonolatry

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 04 I love unicorns due to the picture of Amducius from Collin de Plancy’s DICTIONNAIRE INFERNAL. Now that is a unicorn that may stab you with its head! Check out those hands. Bizarre. Admittedly, Amducius has never appeared to me this way, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe I […]

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Talking Death with Amducius

amducius demons daemon demonolatry domagick meditativeacts sigil death

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 02 It was easier to relax into my conversation with Amducius today. Now that my partner is home from the hospital, my attention is less scattered than it was before. Still, I find myself dwelling on my own mortality. This is perhaps natural for someone studying (at least in part) to […]

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Month with Amducius

amducius domagick meditativeacts demons daemons demonolatry daemonolatry

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 01 Today I sat with my patron Amducius for thirty minutes. I had to do so later in the day than I originally intended. My partner came home from the hospital this afternoon, so the majority of the day revolved around making sure he was all right. I had some time […]

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Man Plans, God Laughs

amducius laughs domagick meditativeacts demons

I argued with myself for a couple days about this entry. I’ve started it many times because of it. Have you ever committed to something and then immediately wished you hadn’t? As soon as I said I would meditate on the runes for the next Domagick challenge, I had a feeling I should have picked […]

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