Spring Awakening

I continue to work on my personal oracle over this last week, painting portraits of Leviathan, Eurynomous, and Astaroth.

I’m particularly pleased with the work I did on Astaroth’s painting, as I’ve struggled to capture her on paper for some time. I also began canvases for Unsere, Verrine, and Amducius. I still have at least eight more cards to go, but I do not think I’ll be able to finish that many by April 1. Even so, I’ll keep at it so that I will have the oracle deck for use for at least part of the next Domagick challenge.

However, I must now set my painting on the back burner and concentrate on a couple of different tasks over the next week instead.

First, I must prepare for the Spring Equinox and the First Rite to Lucifer. In this ritual, I will celebrate him as Lord of the air, enlightenment, and new beginnings. At other times in my life, I have participated in shamanic journey circles dedicated at this time of year to Waking the Bear: a harbinger of spring where I live who begins to emerge from the dream of hibernation around the Equinox. I do not typically associate Lucifer with this animal, fierce and powerful as it is, but I will undoubtedly still journey deep within the Bear’s cave this week to see what both may have to say to me. Now is when the world reawakens and all can be reborn anew.

Right after the Equinox, I’m taking part in a Spring Novelama from March 22 to 25th. The goal is for each participant to produce twenty-five thousand words from the comfort of their own writing cave. I may not hit that target, but I’m dedicated to completing at least one story I have on the go. I’ve set up my entire schedule to focus on those four days.

Wish me luck, and Happy Equinox!

Exploration and Experimentation – Feb Domagick Week 3

I’m entering the final stretch of February Domagick challenge. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the daily relaxation and rejuvenation that the artistic meditations have provided, I’ve also been keenly aware of how easily their routine could become a rut. I get bored after too long doing the same thing, so I’ve made sure to keep my work fresh this month by rotating both the spirits I’ve worked with and the techniques I’ve used artistically. The first is a matter of listening to my muse and going with my gut. The second is a balance of Instinct and trying to grow as an artist. My muse may urge me to include certain colors, but it is my growing knowledge of how watercolor works that has encouraged me to experiment with different methods this week.

This week’s keyword was exploration. By taking a risk and trying new things, I produced works that not only brought me joy during creation but continue to do so afterward. For the first time, I found pleasure in the finished product. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that these two pictures produced the most profound and connecting meditations of the week as well, even though their subject matters were very different.

Lucifer – I spent three days with Lucifer this week, with the second piece I created for him taking two separate days to manifest. It proved that the Daemonic Divine does not always come to me in humanoid form. In fact, the Daemonic can appear in anyway it likes…

Belial and the Land spirits – After spending time grounding with Belial, I realized that I had been neglecting the land spirits nearby. And by nearby, I mean as close as my bookshelf! I meditated with my personal bonsai tree, who told me in no uncertain terms that zie needs more love. What a feisty creature, but what else should I have expected from ginseng?


Eurynomous – Ah! I’m still glowing from this meditation. I find the presence of Eurynomous warm and soothing—not what some would expect from the Death Daemonic. Spending time with him is genuinely like checking in with a long-term friend. I walked away thinking, “Yes! I needed that!” This is my favorite piece so far.

eurynomous daemon demon demonolatry daemonolatry dukante skull death daemonic demonic


Now off to today’s meditation!

Frucisierre – An Alternate Sigil

Today I reorganized my ancestral altar. In Daemonolatry, this month is dedicated to Eurynomous and the other daemons of the death. I placed lamens I had made with their sigils out of clay on the altar too, along with some items that reminded me of my grandfather.

My invocations were a tad more elaborate than they have been over the last month. I not only invited Eurynomous, Baalberith, and Babael to join me, but also the personal face of the Death Daemonic to which I feel the most drawn. Finally, I asked my grandfather to join me. I burnt my offerings and shuffled the cards.

The Lenormand was easy to read today. I pulled Snake + Clover + Sun. To me, that reads as “Short term complications melt away.” That’s good to know! It’s just as positive when looked at chronologically, since I am moving away from the complications into a present of short term luck and a future of success. Either way, this was a pleasant message to receive from Eurynomous and the Death Daemonic.

frucisierre frulhel frulthiel frastiel daemons grimorium verum demons daemonolatry demonolatry sigils
This alternate sigil for Frucisierre is listed in the Grimorium Verum under the name Frulhel.

I also turned over one of my Death Daemonic Divination and Ritual cards. (I haven’t used this deck often for divination so far, but for meditation the white on black print works perfectly for me.) Today I got Frucissiere, a daemon from the Grimorium Verum that I’ve never dealt with before. He is also known as Fruhel or Frastiel, and in Quimbanda is called the Exu dos Cemiterios, the spirit of the cemeteries. He is supposedly able to raise the dead, aid in divination with dry bones, or someone anyone from anywhere.

In her book, the Key of Ocat, S. Connolly explains how these abilities could be used for execration or cursing. Looking over this material again this morning, I realized how it might also be used for the retrieval of soul piece. Deeper research into this aspect of the Death Daemonic helped me an alternate sigil for Frucissiere. This one also comes from the Grimorium Verum, where it is attributed to Fruhel and Frastiel. Experiement at your own risk. Frucissiere is said by some to be a difficult spirit to work with, especially if you are struggling to leave your previous religion behind.

(And if you’re going to get The Key of Ocat, do yourself a favor and get the hardcover!)

Eurynomous: Talking with Death

eurynomous sigil demons daemons demonolatru daemonolatry deathIt feels like the weekend threw my routine off. Everything’s a little out of step today. I spent much longer with the nine Daemonic Divinities than I do normally today: almost two hours. I wanted to speak at length with Eurynomous, both through the Lenormand and with art. From what I read, it looks like this will be the first of many conversations, although his choice of topics sometimes perplexes me. I know there will be a point. There always is.

This evening I’m attending a short workshop with my brother. The class is being taught by one of our friends, and I’m looking forward to it for that reason alone. Still, the timing feels especially auspicious. Tonight, I’ll learn how to better connect with my ancestors, right in the midst of my sitting down each day with my deceased grandfather. With any luck, I’ll be able to put what I learn into practice right away!