June 2018 #Domagick Summary

Happy July! All in all, I had a successful and productive June. Once again, the Domagick challenge reminded me to be specific when crafting my magick. Sigils with vague statements of will behind them weren’t nearly as effective for me as ones where I literally spelled out exactly how I wanted my will to manifest. This makes sense, of course, but isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. Sigils created by spelling out statements of will on a magickal square can be hard to focus on, if not down right ugly. I prefer a certain simplicity in the symbols I use and producing this can sometimes seem near impossible if the statement behind them is too complicated. When that happens, I often switch the freeform method of creating my sigils. Switching back and forth was definitely necessary this month to produce the enchantments I wanted day to day.

For those that weren’t following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr while this site was down, here is a summary of all my Domagick posts for June:

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Crossing the Significator Spread for Lenormand and Tarot

This morning I talked to the Nine about my writing, using a spread called Crossing the Significator. This spread can be performed for either Lenormand or Tarot, but when using the Lenormand you will choose a specific card to represent your question. This will be the Significator. Some common topic cards that can be used as Significators are:

  • Luck = Clover
  • Health = Tree
  • Love = Heart
  • Money = Fish
  • Work = Moon
  • Decisions = Path

Feel free to be creative. I wanted to find out about my next book project, so I used the Book.

crossthesignificator signficator lenormand tarot divinator fortunetelling demons demonolatry
Example of Crossing the Significator. Here you can see the position of each card around the topic: Above You, Below You, Behind You, and Before You.

When using the Lenormand with this spread, shuffle your cards while thinking about your question. Then turn your deck face up. The card at the very top of the deck becomes what is Above You. The card at the bottom of the deck becomes what is Below You. Now go through the deck until you find the card you have chosen to be your Significator. The card to the left of the Significator becomes what is Behind You. The card to the right of the Significator becomes what is Before You.

When using the Tarot with this spread, you have two choices. You can either choose an appropriate card as the Significator, or you can simply shuffle while thinking of the question. When you feel ready, cut the deck into three piles. The top most card in the left pile is Above You. The bottom card in the pile on the right is Below You. Turn over the three other cards. These are Behind You, the Significator, and Before Your respectively. Since you didn’t choose a topic card using the second method, it isn’t a significator in the traditional sense, but it can inform you more about the matter at hand.

Above Your HeadConscious concerns, motives, plans, thoughts, worries

Below Your FeetHow I am rooted, how I am grounded, unconscious concerns, unconscious motivations

Behind YouThe past, triggering incidents, conditioning

Before YouThe future, likely outcome the result

Beyond that, you can sometimes get more information from reading the triplets in the reading… but that isn’t always the case, as you’ll see today.

In today’s reading, I asked “What can I expect with my next book project?”

Above My HeadThe Scythe – danger, break up, accident, severance, sudden cutting, clearing, division, disconnect, rupture – No dangers concern me, but I do feel disconnected from my inspiration.

Below My FeetThe Stars – inspiration, wishes, vision, precision, guidance, direction, hopes, dreams, creativity, prophecy, harmony, good judgment, potential, improvement, exposure – I feel inspiration should guide me, however, this card could indicate a tendency to think I should write to market instead.

Behind MeThe Fish – Money, cash flow, having the means, prosperity, liquidity, business – I was taught that vocations that didn’t make money were a waste of time. My parents expressed similar opinions about occupations that didn’t make enough money either, like writers. My chosen profession was never looked on very highly.

Before MeThe Cross – crisis, transition, test, necessity, fate, trial, burden, difficulty, challenge, priest, minister, examiner, initiate, holy, sacred – Well, I’m still in the midst of rewriting a religious educational program. This card can also refer to “sooner than you would like” in terms of timing when it comes to the Lenormand. Today it seems like the Nine are talking in the very short term when it comes to my next project. This one is slated to roll out October 1, 2017. My fingers are crossed.

The only other information I got from the demonic divine was in the form of these two triplets in the reading:

Fish + Book + Cross = This will likely be a nonfiction, occult book that I put up for sale rather than offering for free.

Scythe + Book + Stars = I feel disconnected from my inspiration right now, unsure which project to choose.

I knew both of these things already, so I don’t feel like I was given an incredible amount of insight. Despite this, my time with the Nine today felt productive. My candles for them are still burning, though I will put them out soon.

I go outside each morning to return the remains of yesterday’s incense offering to the earth. It’s pouring rain today, and I nearly got soaked in the few moments it took to turn the ashes back into the soil. The cool water felt marvellous and put me in mind of the upcoming second rite of Leviathan. I sent out a cup to catch some for my upcoming ritual.

I didn’t return yesterday’s ancestral offering to the earth yet, though. The tomato hasn’t withered, so I feel grandpa is still feasting on it. I set some fresh peapods out for him. I enjoyed my time with him more than I thought I would, and found myself regretful when a phone call interrupted it.

Privacy and Magick

Domagick Sept 07 2017

I went for spontaneous prayer again this morning instead of one I’d memorized. Something was on my mind, and I hoped for assistance with it throughout the day. My reading certainly indicates today’s connection was strong. It was my clearest Lenormand reading yet, possibly because how hard I concentrated while shuffling, and for how long. I was rather apprehensive about flipping them over today. Perhaps rightfully so! The cards weren’t what I wanted to see, but they did make sense. I’m going to keep this reading private, however. It strays into areas I’d rather not discuss on a public blog.

I find that to be one of the biggest hurdles of the Domagick challenge: deciding which parts of my practice I should talk about and which I should keep to myself. Magicians are often reminded to Know, to Dare, to Will, and to Keep Silent on their road to mastery. The reasoning behind each of these suggestions could become an entire article unto themselves, but in general those who are quiet about their spell work are less likely to dilute its power and mystery. People may want to consider the important of that in the internet age, when so many magicians post daily pictures of their altars and their workings. Yes, that is one way that energy and gratitude can be sent out into the universe. It is also a way those who want to curse you to find out an awful lot about what goes on in your temple, whether physical or astral. The sheer amount of some people put online can be astounding. I’ve heard more than one person argue the putting our private relationships with the Daemonic Divine on display in that way cheapens them. It’s a line that we all have to figure out for ourselves, but I certainly can see their point.

When I am unsure if I should post something, I try to ask myself why. If I am advertising myself or my work, I make damn sure I’m clear I’m selling a service or product. When I hope for feedback or commentary, I ask directly. Occasionally I need to fulfil an obligation, such a pact or even to a challenge like this. Sometimes I realize I’m just bragging. When I realize I’m just feeding my own ego, I rethink what I’ve written.  Maybe I think to damn much, but that’s part committing to blogging. Once you start writing posts, you’re supposed to keep writing them. It’s the editor in me that makes it take so long every day!

Back to school? Back to work!

I promised to post updates on my back-to-school project occasionally in July. Until this week, however, there hasn’t been much to report. I continued my magical work, of course, working with two more spirits from the Ars Goetia. I spent a week with Marax learning to write more clearly, and another with Stolas resetting my sleep schedule. Regardless of whether or not I returned to college, I wanted to accomplish both of those things, so I didn’t feel like I was bothering either spirit for nothing.

As it turns out, I won’t be going back to school this September. I’m going to concentrate on my seminary training and writing, from home. I’ve also chosen to offer card readings again. At this point, I’m more than okay with that. It feels like the right thing to do. By doing this, I’m not only fulfilling a vow I made to myself, but fulfilling a vow I made to my gods a long time ago. A wise bear reminded of that, and I’m grateful.

As soon as I accepted that I wasn’t going to school and started putting energy into other things, it was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders magically. I judge my June work as “meh.” It produced similar results too. I just never quite hit the mark. Energetically, it all felt off, enough so that I worried I didn’t want to hit the mark. It’s a vicious cycle, since doubt alone can make magick weak. I felt no inner conflict whatsoever about this week’s work with Belphegor and Halphas, and they answered my request within 24 hours. I will make my final offering to them tomorrow.

I hope you all are having a great summer.

Precision: Planning is Everything

June Domagick Day 30

Today is the last day of the June Domagick challenge. This time around we were supposed to focus on enchantment, and I chose to draw into my life qualities that would make going back to school easier for me. Over the course of four weeks, I enchanted six key tags in total and used them to attract everything allies to student loan funds.

I’ve blogged about my work every day too, right until the end, so I suppose I successfully completed the challenge. I need to seriously rework my enchantments before I go any further, however. Regardless of whether or not I met the daily Domagick requirements, my enchantments were only 75% successful. Unfortunately, the remaining 25% can be crucial.

For example, it looks like student loan will give me all the money I need to go back to school, but not enough to purchase the laptop I need attend. This jeopardizes my going back at all, of course. It’s impossible to learn graphic design without a computer. I keep kicking myself for my lack of forward planning. If only I’d thought ahead, I’d have been more precise with my enchantments.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

The best thing I can do is learn from this.

What I’ve been doing instead for the past week is spin my wheels. In between trying to figure out where to find the missing funds, I’ve worried maybe I shouldn’t go back to school at all. I’ve wondered if maybe I should stay home and support my partner’s efforts. He’s also returning to college this year—and with full funding, no less, computer and all.

Agh!  Coulda, shoulda, woulda. We’ve been together almost all the time this last month. Theoretically, he’s been within the sphere of my key tags’ enchantment too. Why it would work 100% for him and not me, I don’t know, unless we get down to intent. Maybe he wants it more than I do. Maybe I should stay home. Maybe the universe is telling me something.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I’m right back to spinning my wheels.

Today’s Tarot: Page of Pentacles, reversed. I usually don’t quote Tarot pages, but Biddy Tarot sums this one up perfectly. “…You may be finding it difficult to get a specific project or idea off the ground. Each time you try, it seems to amount to nothing, or it takes you even further away from where you want to be. There is a lack of success here and a mounting frustration that perhaps you will never be able to achieve what you want. You may be losing faith in your talents and abilities. If this is the case, relax, lighten up and give yourself some space and ‘down time’ for a short period. Take a holiday or a break from your usual routine, and you will find that this helps you to re-energise and re-focus.

Four of Cups

Domagick Day 29

My time with Camio is swiftly coming to an end. I planned to keep seeking outside advice concerning some of the doubts I am having about school, but was cut off at the pass today. The person that I hoped to speak

to is unavailable until the end of July. I can’t get in touch with her until the very day my papers are due. Whatever decision I make, I will have to make it alone.

Thanks, Camio. I asked for insight, which you are providing. As always, however, the Daemonic Divine refuses to lead me by the hand. That leads into my ultimate goal of being a strong and independent person, but it also frustrates the shit out of me when I secretly long to be looked after and told what to do. Damn it!

I charged his key tag today with another walk, then prayed and asked for guidance.

Today’s card: Four of Cups – Revaluation of the situation, deep contemplation, fixation. I would never of guessed. Perhaps I need to do something take my mind off things.

Today I also went to the art store for Vapula and tested different brands of the pastels I’m using. There’s a cheaper brand I want to try, and from my testing it seems like they might save me a bundle.

Two Choices Tarot Spread

(The featured image is from the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck.)

Domagick Day 27 Continued and Day 28

I asked my partner to read my cards last night. He’s trying to learn tarot, and I wanted an outside perspective, so our objectives lined up nicely. I taught him a new tarot spread that lets you compare two choices.

#tarot #tarotcards #cards #divination #cardreading #domagick

The cards I pulled for his reading should have made my decision very clear—especially since they came up again later in the evening during a quick reading I did for myself. Still, my mind remains troubled today. I charged the key tag I carry for Camio with a long enough walk to tire myself out, then prayed and asked for his guidance again.

Today’s Tarot card: The Devil, Reversed. Being bound by fear and anxiety. When I pulled this I started laughing. Yet Camio isn’t being facetious. Life decisions shouldn’t be made from a place of anxiety.

This week for Vapula I have concentrated on learning more about the tools I’m using. Today I tested Kohinoor pencil crayons on Bee marker paper. I hadn’t expected the pencil crayons to work well due to the paper’s slick surface but the test patches looked beautiful. The coverage felt smooth too. I look forward to playing with this some more.

Thinking in Circles

Camio is known for communicating through pyromancy, but he can also help us see into any situation. I held his disk in my hands and prayed for his guidance this afternoon. Then I asked the advice of two close friends about school. I can’t call this divination, yet having other perspectives certainly helped. Besides that, I ran errands. I didn’t do any work for Vapula, choosing to take this as my day off. My head felt pretty full today, and I all I really wanted to do after getting groceries, etc, etc, was relax.


Domagick Day 26

My household suffered the ill effects of a cold this last week. I got off fairly easily but still felt rundown. On top of that, I’m getting cold feet about going back to school. I’m starting to worry that I won’t get the funding I need, so I’m coming up with all the reasons why I shouldn’t go just in case it never happens. My stomach knots every time I think about it.

I’m going to work with Camio this week to ward off my anxiety. According to both The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and The Ars Goetia, Camio gives answers in “burning ashes”, meaning that he communicates well via pyromancy. Connolly’s Daemonolatry Goetia says, “Camio can be invoked for divination of any type. Wear his sigil to see into any situation you encounter.” Today, I will invoke him and create a key tag in his honor, consecrating it with incense smoke (i.e. air and fire). I will ask that he help me recognize when me fears are groundless. Starting tomorrow, when I run energy through the key tag I will also make a burn offering for Camio and see if I can divine anything from the flames about my student loan.

Domagick Day 25

In response to one of my recent entries on Tumblr, Andrieh-Vitimus asked, “HI William, I would love to see your key ring ( how are you getting them attached, are you using metal disks with a drilled hole, something else?) thats a great idea.. btw.. the key ring.”

I wasn’t sure my readers would know what I meant if I called the disks key tags. Each one is made from a circle of cardstock that has been reinforced with a metal edge. They’re not pretty but are surprisingly durable. After three weeks of being in my pocket all day, they haven’t ripped.

I draw the sigils on the key tags with fine-tip permanent marker. In the photo, it’s obvious how much even this ink fades and feathers after three weeks of handling. That’s okay! I like how personalized they’ve become because of it. The key tags will serve as offerings when they finally give out. I bought the key tags in a lot of 100 for around five dollars, so I can afford to enchant another!

Each tag also comes with a handy little ring, making it each to attach. These are my second attempt, however. The first time around, I used wooden disks purchased in the wedding section of a craft store. Permanent markers worked just as well on them, and the hole that had been conveniently drilled in top of each one could be used to slide them onto my key ring. Unfortunately, the disks themselves were too thick for me to use more than one of them at a time. Since that was my plan this month, I switched to the key tags. You can see my original version in the photo below.

A #magical #charm for the #demon #vapula.
A charm for the demon vapula.

Thank you for the question, Andrieh.

June Domagick Day 25

I would normally dedicate the weekend to Ipos and relaxation but it is also the last Sunday of the month. That means I’m supposed to be in religious classes via Skype for the majority of the day. Of course, Skype dumped my credentials sometime prior to my log on this morning, and I couldn’t find them anywhere I looked. By the time I’d made a new account, I’d missed the first class of the day. The ritual had already started. I’m thankful my teacher makes recordings.

With that work ahead, it made more sense to me that I dedicate today to Vapula and plan to take an afternoon “off” midweek instead. Two hours in seminary seemed like enough for today. I don’t mind including research in my daily “practice hours” as long as I don’t get into a funk and start doing nothing but reading or journaling. Days upon days spent gazing at your navel won’t translate into actually doing magick.