Dreams or Dread?

I was given the best assignment yesterday by one of my fellow priests in training. It’s a lesson brand-new Daemonolaters should complete when they first come to the path. Unfortunately, most of us learn from books nowadays rather than face-to-face, so we miss out on anything that is best taught orally. I’m very grateful he took to time to lead me back to the beginning, so to speak.

I’m even more grateful that the exercise literally involved me going to sleep. I couldn’t have asked for more restful work! I had good results too, after the second attempt. I’ll keep trying to make sure I got it right. When it comes to foundational lessons, I don’t want to screw them up. After all, we build everything else upon them.

After spending some time with my ancestors and the nine this afternoon, I consulted the Lenormand to see how this technique would affect my practice in the future. A couple of cards fell out of the deck that I noted, but will keep to myself. They’ve been coming up ever since I asked about upcoming work projects.

Today I used the Crossing the Significator spread I mentioned earlier in the week. This time, I did not choose the card to represent my concerns. I simply shuffled the deck while thinking about the dream I had. These are the cards that came to me.

Above Me – The Cross – While this card can represent a crisis, some sort of trial, a burden, difficulty, or challenge, it can also represent the priest, minister, or a matter of faith. That is definitely what is on my mind in this situation.

Below Me – The Clouds – Confusion, unclear, doubt, hiding, suspicions, worries, transition, change, ambiguous, troubled. Yes, I want to make sure I’m remembering things correctly from my dream

Behind Me – The Child – Beginnings, in essence, wonder, fresh vistas. This can even imply a faux pas. I suspect this is the beginnings of my practising Daemonolatry, including the fact they missed out on a lesson.

The Significator / The Present – Delivery, coming change, improvements fostering, nurturing, caring. I can see this as anything other then being given the lesson.

Before Me – The Anchor – Stability, reliability, permanent, safety, hope, routine, permanent. This is what I feel the lesson will give me. Indeed, as it was described this is what it should give me. And what I will end up with in the future if I just keep going.

If we look at the triplets:

Child + Stork + Anchor = Child delivers stability. This technique will help me find a greater stability in my faith, I believe in myself.

Cross + stork + clouds = Faith delivers confusion. Ha! It does, and on regular basis.

Child + Clouds + Stability = Innocence confuses stability. Not knowing how to do with a does indeed make it much harder to do it well. When you miss a core teaching, the foundation of whatever you’re trying to build isn’t as strong.

Child + Cross + Anchor = Innocence burdens stability. I think this is saying the exact same thing as the previous triplet.

To round it all up then: Following through on this lesson will grant me a greater stability in my daily practice, from the ground up. It’s essential that I keep going. Except more dream adventures!