What’s in store for 2019?

At the point when many people have already broken their New Year’s resolutions, I’m finally ready to discuss mine! Like another magician mentioned, it can be more useful to map out a list of goals for the year ahead, which I prefer to do. That way I can track my progress towards those goals while still cutting myself some slack when I need to switch gears or have a break.

My Tarot card for this year is the Chariot, representing direction, willpower, and balanced forces. That’s a perfect representation of what I have in mind for 2019. Although I accomplished quite a bit in 2018, I often felt as if I was fulfilling other people’s agendas or acting in a support role while others chased their dreams. There’s a time and place for that, but I’m glad that chapter’s coming to a close and I can focus on forging my own destiny this year. With that in mind, I’ll be limiting the number of challenges I participate in to those that genuinely interest me and support the work I already plan to be doing at that time. I feel I’ll grow faster as a magician and blogger if I stop shoehorning my practice into challenge criteria or my posts into what I can share publicly. You’ll find weekly updates here on Fridays from now on – or as close as I can get, barring disasters.

This month, I’m working through the Inner Demon Challenge on Instagram, hosted by purefield.healing. It’s rare to find anyone other than a Daemonolater who looks at daemons in a positive light, much less views them a way to improve your life, so I had to give this shadow-work challenge a try. While in keeping my personal analysis private, I am posting the results for the characters of my next Dalliances with Demons novel. As with Altar of Belphegore, I excavate this story a little more each day, sweeping away debris to get closer and closer to the core ideas. So far, I’ve discovered this much:

Her – What inner demons is she battling?
Him – What inner demons is he battling?
Her – Where these inner demons come from?
Him – Where these inner demons come from?

No one else is using the challenge to explore fiction this way, but I need to follow my own path for a while, even if that means going alone. From these efforts, I hope to produce three more books this year, most likely two pieces of fiction and one nonfiction. I always hate to name titles and topics because that locks me into what I have to write, so I’ve scheduled working blocks into my calendar just as I have in years before. It may seem like a woeful amount of output compared some authors – but this is also the year where I need to stop comparing. Again, I need to follow my own path this year no matter where it takes me.

Part of that is working through The Artist’s Way, which I’m starting officially on Sunday, January 6. I’ve started the morning pages back on Christmas Day, and I’m finding them both challenging and freeing. This process will take at least twelve weeks, but apparently morning pages are a habit you can keep for life if you dedicate yourself to them. We’ll see!

May you reach all of your goals in 2019!

#Tarot Card of the Year #decembermajors

I continue my study of the Major Arcana this week and meditated on the Hanged Man through the Tower. I would have to say that, with the exception of Temperance, every one of these cards has earned a negative reaction from my clients more than once during readings. Their names and images can be shocks to the system, especially to those unfamiliar with their meaning. The truth is that all Tarot cards have the potential to mean something “negative” depending on the question asked and where they fall in the reading. It all depends on context. It also has a lot to do with attitude, and whether one can turn lemons into lemonade.

Continue reading #Tarot Card of the Year #decembermajors

#Tarot #MajorArcana Study – Week Two #decembermajors

This week, I worked my way from the Lovers through to Justice of the Major Arcana. I used the same technique I did the last time around. Nothing varied in that respect. However, I did miss my target and end up studying my last card of the week, Justice, a day late.

I found it harder to connect with the Major Arcana this week simply due to life events outside my studies. My meditations just weren’t as deep due to how distracted I was. The exception to this was the time I spent with in the Hermit’s cave. He appeared to me in the form of an old friend, which made his archetype and lessons engaging no matter how scattered I felt. Strangely enough, when I stopped to reflect on this today, and pondered what the week ahead might bring, the card that I turned over for guidance was once again the Hermit. He’s also come up frequently in my one-card draws this week, so perhaps I am needing some time to myself after all the stress. That or I need to buckle down and study!

Here are my individual entries on the cards: Continue reading #Tarot #MajorArcana Study – Week Two #decembermajors

#MajorArcana Study – Week One – #decembermajors

It’s been a good week (and a bit) studying the Major Arcana. So far, I have meditated on the Fool through to the Hierophant, spending between an hour to an hour and a half on each card. This is a lot of time, but if you concentrated only on visiting the card and journalling afterward could conceivably do this is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. I’ve detailed my full technique below.   Continue reading #MajorArcana Study – Week One – #decembermajors

December is for Tarot! #3amstudy #decembermajors

After consulting with my fellow mages (THANK YOU), I’ve decided to sit the Domagick Talisman challenge out. They’re eager to participate, but I feel called to concentrate on my seminary studies instead. I plan to finish of the divination portion of my training by returning to my first love, the Tarot, and delving deeply into the Major Arcana. Over the month, I’ll meditate on and study each card, as well as confine my personal readings to only the Major Arcana. I’ll be using the prompts from 3am.tarot to keep me on track, and I’ll post my daily progress on Instagram. I’ll cross-post daily to Facebook and Twitter, with updates here on Sunday starting December 9. See you then!

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Chakra Assessment #Domagick Day 28

It’s the last day of the current Domagick challenge. In the end, I would have to say that my chakras are  in better condition now than they were a month ago. I discovered a major blockage in my heart chakra earlier in February, and I managed to clear that away.

However, I have noticed a tendency for my chakras to slow down over the course of each week. This is natural, I suppose. We all get tired and need to refresh and balance ourselves. I’ve found that brief, daily attunements keep things  in alignment until my weekly rebalancing. Without them I am sluggish and have a hard time collecting my thoughts at work. If nothing else, this challenge has reinforced how important frequent psychic hygiene is—and given me a couple of technique to use to maintain mine.

For the last day of the challenge, I decided to move through the salutations of Ptah meditative/breathing positions. Afterward, I felt clear-headed and ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon. My Lenormand pair for the day was SHIP + FISH, which I read as “discovering wealth” or “discovering value.” And, yes, I certainly have discovered physical valuein my chakra work this month. It has helped body’s energy as well as my mood, both of which make dreary winter afternoons easier to take.

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend #Domagick Day 23

Everybody’s working for the weekend… or at least my office hours have rolled over into Saturday and Sunday a lot lately. That why I’m not blogging again this weekend. In fact, I decided to take it easy in terms of my actual Domagick work too and I carried out my full chakra cleansing this morning instead. I chanted the five warrior syllables for about twenty minutes while visualizing and physically moving Reiki energy through the trunk of my body. The morning had simply dragged up until that point, but afterwards I felt positively spritely. I’ll keep tuning my energy centers over the weekend using the meditation / breathing positions I call the Salutations of the Ptah. My daily Lenormand cards seem to indicate this is the way to go. When asked how I should care for my chakras this weekend, I pulled BOUQUET + CROSS, or a dutiful reward. After a long week of work, that is certainly what a couple days off from blogging will feel like.

Demons and Gender: Asafoetida #domagick day 22

I played with watercolors yesterday to burn off some stress. I considered painting something for Asafoetida, but became hung up on how I would capture her presence. It is difficult to picture her, as I would say that my strongest impression of her has been scent. I tend to smell flowers for a short time after working with her no matter what incense I use. I often “see” impressions of the color pink, but in both cases those could be my interpretation of what a daemoness of feminine attributes should be like. Gender isn’t as easily put in a box than that, and I didn’t want to box in Asafoetida in either.  I don’t want to make assumptions. Perhaps I will grow to know her better over time. Today’s Lenormand cards (BIRDS + STORK = Improving communication) imply that I will.

I certainly haven’t connected with her as well as some other daemons, but I haven’t connected with this Domagick challenge as well as others either. The daily blogging feels like a grind, like collecting 30 of the same thing in Warcraft. But I continued my pursuit of “leveling up” and worked the breathing / meditation positions of Ptah today. Again, it evened out my mood and my energy until my full cleansing on the weekend.)