Let go #domagick day 02

I struggled with today’s Loving Kindness meditation. After a week of saying “no” more often than usual, I had trouble understanding how I was extending kindness to all beings. Supposedly it can be a kindness to be cruel—but I’m also Canadian. We pop out of the womb saying “I’m sorry.” It was hard to let go of my guilt.

My body scan pointed out that my posture was all out of whack during meditation too. I was hunching my shoulders: curling in on myself as if to protect my chest. Sure enough, my green chakra was out of whack too. After sitting with this and trying to simply accept the situation as is for a bit, I work the tension out of my back and tried to work “the gunk” out of my chakra. It was stubborn, so it is time for a full elemental / chakra balancing.

I read four cards today, relating to what the prompt: Become more financially secure by…. In order, I pulled Renewal, Release, Self-Worth, and Service from my Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I interpreted this to mean that the time for change is here. I must let the past go, aim higher, and just do the work.

Today’s prompt was aimed at strengthening and nourishing my red or root chakra, which has to do with safety, security, and the physical world.

(Asafoetida remains a gentle but subtle presence, contacted at the beginning of each session and thanked at the end. I will check in with her in a greater way on a weekly basis.)


Root Chakra: Grounded #domagick day 01

The root is located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the muladhara chakra, with mula meaning “root” and adhara meaning “support” or “base.” This Sanskrit word describes the domain of the root chakra very well. It is responsible for our sense of security, safety, and physicality. To use a phrase many Pagans and New Agers love, the root chakra keeps us grounded. Balancing it creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above it.

I started my planned work for today by greeting Asafoetida and then moving straight into the Loving Kindness meditation.

That went well enough, but I found myself unable to focus in the body scan that followed. Simply being with the sensations I felt was difficult after several days of being in “do” and “fix” mode for my seminary work. Before I moved into trying to adjust anything, I drew my card for the day.

My prompt was “become more grounded by…” and I pulled IMPARTIALITY from the Chakra Widsom Oracle. That summed what I need to do to perfectly to move forward with my self-love and chakra work. Before I release any tension or work on how a chakra is turning, I need to sit with what I find first and accept it as it is, in that moment. Again, this is coming back to first impressions and knee-jerk reactions.

chakra root divination tarot chakrawisdomoracle asafoetida love domagick
Become more grounded through… impartiality. From the list of chakra divination prompts found here.

In case you would like to follow along with my February challenge, here are a couple guided meditations you can use:

Loving Kindness – Here is one example of this type of meditation out of hundreds on the web.

Body Scan – Again, here is a longer example of this type of meditation out of many on the web.