The Role of Politeness in Pagan Debate

Over the last week, I’ve been asked my opinion a good deal about Richard Dukanté, his hierarchy, and the daemons it contains. I think it’s time that I finally set the record straight, though what I have to say focuses more on politeness in the overall Pagan community in general. Above all things, I believe […]

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An Off Day #Domagick 08

sacral chakra meditation divination domagick

Mundane work won out over magickal work today. I woke up, got dressed, and went straight to my desk this morning without stopping for my Loving Kindness meditation, et cetera, first. That was a mistake. By the time I finished my work day, I was tired enough that I didn’t want to meditate for even […]

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Patience and Forgiveness #domagick day 03

patience and forgiveness domagick meditation chakras mindfulness divination tarot demons

I shouldn’t have known better. Today I attempted my Loving Kindness meditation today after writing a business letter rather than doing it as soon as I got up. Getting into a compassionate mindset felt hypocritical after having spent nearly an hour setting boundaries on paper. This probably says more about my experiences with authority figures […]

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Let go #domagick day 02

I struggled with today’s Loving Kindness meditation. After a week of saying “no” more often than usual, I had trouble understanding how I was extending kindness to all beings. Supposedly it can be a kindness to be cruel—but I’m also Canadian. We pop out of the womb saying “I’m sorry.” It was hard to let […]

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Asafoetida, pleased to meet you!

Super blue Blood Moon 2018 eclipse chakras love asafoetida

Happy Eclipse! Are you enjoying the super blue blood moon? I got up early enough to sneak a peak at it this morning and then went straight into my work with the daemoness Asafoetida. Invoking and drawing down her energy went as planned, though it felt lighter in nature than I expected. Perhaps my experience […]

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