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Source of Spontaneity: the Sacral Chakra #domagick 05

I shifted focus today to my sacral or svadhisthana chakra. It is located in the pelvic area and helps us experience our lives through sensation, pleasure, and enjoyment. It is the center of sensuality, intimacy, and connection. Some keywords associated with this chakra are spontaneity, trust, and passion. Its color is orange and its sound is VAM.

Unfortunately, time constraints stopped me from working with this seed syllable as long as I would like tonight, although I did feel like I had a breakthrough in my Loving Kindness meditation beforehand. Truthfully, I was too tired for my brain to argue or worry about anything. It made simply being easier. Ha!

This makes sense. Today’s prompt asked how I could become more spontaneous, and I pulled ENLIGHTENMENT. This card points out that our thoughts can enslave us or set us free. It encourages us to take note of how we are making use of our own minds. Truthfully, my mind has been working against me the past few days, and all of my readings thus far have said, “let go.” When I did release the fears holding me back, the meditations went smoothly. Spontaneity involves existing in the moment, which is the core of mindfulness!

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