Soup’s On!

tea soup dreams symbols lenormand domagick demonolatry demons daemons daemonolatryMy dreams over the last week have felt soup left in a bowl too long. They congealed into something nearly impenetrable as soon as I woke up. I could only remember snatches of them as the day progressed, a random image here or there.

That didn’t help much, considering the fact my goal was to retrieve a specific symbol for an assignment I was given by fellow clergyman at my temple. I thought I’d seen it several times, but what if I was wrong?

Today I decided to consult the Nine through the Lenormand. I asked them directly, “Have I seen the symbol I am looking for?” While I was shuffling, three cards fell out of the deck at once. In this order, they were: the Lady, the Child, and the Bouquet.

Going on my intuition, I knew the Lady referred to me, and read this as my new reward. Like a flash had gone off in my head, I saw the symbol from my dreams again, this time with more clarity. I’d remembered it correctly after all. Yes! Today’s bowl of soup was piping hot!

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