Slow Moving Summer Adventures

Domagick Day 14

Yesterday, as part of my practical back-to-school work, I contacted the financial officer at my new college about filling out a final student loan form. She got back to me today with the name of the person I should speak to instead. I’ve already contacted him and begun making arrangements to have the form signed.

The disk I enchanted for Botis is working at least this well for me thus far; when who I sought for help couldn’t assist me, she passed me on to someone who could. I consider that I win. Of course, I’ll have to see how the disk works over the long haul. I continued to charge it through carrying it while out and about today.

This afternoon’s summer adventure took me to a part of our city I don’t visit particularly often. I captured a few snapshots of the urban landscape, plus a brewing storm. Later today, I plan to return to a pastel drawing I started last night. It’s based on my own photograph, so I’m eager to see how it will turn out.

At nearly half way through the June 2017 Domagick challenge, I would rate it as a success so far, but somewhat lackluster in my neck of the woods. Realistically, that’s a good thing. I’ll have all the excitement I need once I’m back to school!

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