Sitri, The Loving Leopard #domagick


My cat now runs to jump into my lap every time I chant the Five Warrior Syllables. Today he threw his paws around my neck and started drooling with happiness as soon as I started chanting. I couldn’t help but laugh. The collar of my shirt got a shower!

At least someone approves of my practice. And I have to admit that I do feel calmer after petting fifteen-plus pounds of adoring feline. If I didn’t have a familiar before this month, I do now. He slept beside me during yesterday’s entire ritual. Didn’t even stir once.

How fitting that today I move onto working with the daemon Sitri, who the Ars Goetia describes as a leopard with gryphon wings. Her enn is “Lirach alora vefa Sitri.” Although the meanings of few words within the language of the daemonic enns are known for certain, two of those appearing in this enn have be gleaned through Ascension, namely ‘lirach’ and ‘vefa.’ They supposedly mean ‘earth’ and ‘this’ respectively.

On the other hand, ‘alora’ appears frequently in the enns of daemons associated with love and lust. Since Sitri is said to inflame people with those emotions, I believe her enn could be translated word for word as “earth love this, Sitri” or more likely “an earth of love, Sitri.”

That seems right to me; she is not only the embodiment of earthly love, but the gateway that opens to an entire world of more joy and pleasure. Rather like practicing the Five Warrior Syllables has been for me. Through chanting them and balancing myself, I’ve drawn the affection of my pet to me. Maybe I will similarly draw more passion into my life chanting Sitri’s enn this week.

Lirach alora vefa Sitri,
O let me walk the path of love.
Lirach alora vefa sitri,
And so below let it be above.

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