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Ship of Words – Sailing Into Adventure

I have an important appointment this afternoon. At least I think I do! The cards were unclear on what effect it would have on me in the future. As I’ve mentioned before, some Lenormand cards can be seen as positive while others are negative. In her book The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, Caitlin Matthews uses slightly different terminology, and describes cards as fortunate, challenging, or neutral. I like framing it that way better. The card I turned up for my end result today, the Ship, is perceived as neutral.

The Ship can symbolize a number of things particularly travel, journeys, voyages, and trips. It can also refer to any vehicle that you would use to go on these trips. On the other hand, the Ship might point to things which are far away, overseas, or simply foreign. It can translate into that which we yearn or long for, or the things which motivates us.

podcast ship lenormand domagick williambriarConsidering the fact that my question concerned a podcast I’d supposed to be on, I believe the Ship talks about my reaching listeners at a distance. Whether or not it will like what I have to say is another matter. Unfortunately, additional readings were unclear. I’m left to my own devices on this one. Unfortunately, additional readings looked grim. I pulled  the Rod repeatedly, which urged me to seek out more information. I’m glad I did. The podcast would not have been in my best interest.

My time the nine went well. I continued practicing the beginner’s technique assigned by my co-priest the day before yesterday. Yet again I couldn’t remember my dreams in any great detail, though I know that they were rich and eventful. Perhaps these are the types of adventures in my future that the Ship means? If so, sail on!

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