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Scrying Ink Lenormand App Review

Domagick Sept 10 2017

Although my prayers and offering went smoothly enough today, my house was still in enough upset that I decided I wanted to try something different than simply reading my usual deck. To briefly escape the clutter, I thought I would use an Lenormand app for today’s reading instead.

I’ve been playing with The Scrying Ink Lenormand for about two months now, off and on. This app is ideal for simple Lenormand readings of one, two, or three cards. The bright, simple design and daily card feature make memorizing the meanings easy and fun. The electronic version of the booklet splits the meanings into keyword and extended sections too, so you can ignore the more complex aspects of the cards until you are ready for them.

Unfortunately, unless someone had read about Lenormand fortune-telling before buying this app, they might be a little lost on how to interpret the cards all-together. Differences from the Tarot aren’t easily apparent anywhere in the app, so this has to be known in advance. If it isn’t, readers might add an unnecessary extra layer of complexity to interpretations depending on the style of divination they are used to doing.

The Scrying Ink Lenormand app comes with fourteen pre-programmed spreads, including Le Grand Tableau. As attractive and well-designed as the app is, I can’t imagine trying to read thirty-six cards at a time on my phone. I may revisit this aspect of the app when I get further along in my Lenormand studies.

For its look, ease of use, and numerous options, I give the Skyring Ink Lenormand app four stars so far. It is currently available in the Android Play and iPhone stores.

When I used this app to ask about an upcoming event in October, I got the Dog, the Key, and the Sun. I interpreted that as:

loyal, familial, friend, companion, dependent, close


access, discovery, certainty, fate, aha, yes, pay attention


best or biggest luck, success, will, outward self, ego

To me this means a friend is going to help me in some way. Considering the project I asked about, this makes perfect sense. It should turn out very well indeed if the Sun card is any indication.


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