Domagick – The Back to School Edition!

Well, I’m challenging myself with domagick again in June. I applied for school since I last posted, so I’ve devoted this summer to preparing myself for my classes. I already feel like I have the technical chops to succeed in graphic design, but more than that is needed to make my time in college go smoothly.

I have to be focused. I’ll have to produce every day, not just when the muse urges me. My health and my finances will need to be on point so neither distract me. In other words, I have to commit 100% and transform myself in the professional powerhouse I know I can be. I’ll be training for an art career, not an art hobby, so I need to treat it accordingly. It can be fun, it can be rewarding—but no more half-assed efforts. No more fucking around.

Yet I have a lot on plate before September rolls around. I still want to finish my Goetia Immersion program by the end of August, which requires working with a spirit a week until then. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but at this point the only spirits left for me to deal with are those that either don’t interest me very much or to which I feel some sort of aversion. That’s not to say I couldn’t warm up to them over time, but a week sometimes isn’t long enough for odd vibes to wear off. Just like people, daemons don’t always make positive first impressions! Because of this, I’m beginning to feel a bit burnt out with it all. I want to do magick daily, but I find myself yearning to do it with more familiar spirits instead of those left on the list. Besides, I hate bothering any daemon just to fulfill a quota!

Be that as it may, several of the daemons I need to work with to finish the Goetia Immersion program could draw financial and professional opportunities my way. I just took a magickal tablets class and am keen to put what I learned into use too. June’s #domagick challenge involves enchantment to bring something we want into our lives, such as more money, more love, better health, et cetera. However, this magickal work must be combined with steps in our mundane lives to make the enchantment possible. Participating will combine the magick work I have and want to do with the mental and day-to-day gymnastics necessary to ready me for school perfectly!

The challenge itself starts June 1st, but we’re supposed to research / plan our course of action in May. I already have some notes typed up, but want to think on paper a little bit more before I reproduce anything here. Wish me luck. I’m so excited to be going back to school!

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