One of my personal interpretations of Satan, who represents the fifth element. #satan #domagick

Satan as the Fifth Element #domagick


My entry today will be extremely short as the majority of my practice will occur too late in the day for me to write about it until tomorrow. After dinner, I will be attending the first part of the Five Warrior Syllables workshop, and that’s where I’m focusing the majority of my energy. I may have to play catch-up all weekend, if not right a huge entry on Monday with very brief ones in between.

I spent the majority of my afternoon creating a gift for the guest speaker. As part of chanting the five warrior syllables, we are supposed to envision the goddess or god of the five elements. I chose to draw him the goddess in the style of the dakinis of the Buddhist tradition. In the background of this picture are the colors representing the four main elements we typically bring up when talking about the metaphysical make up of this reality: air, fire, water, and earth. I kept her white to indicate that she represents the fifth element, space or ether. (Please forgive if I am not showing it here, but it is meant to be a gift.)

As I’ve said before, Daemonolatry is a highly individual path. For me, Satan represents the mingling of all elements as well is the fifth, Spirit. Some Kemetic Daemonalters feel that Atem fits this role better. Others see their patron or matron as the embodiment of the fifth element instead. It comes down to the All being One, so we’re not forced to picture this concept any particular way. I appreciate this. My personal vision of Satan is rather nebulous. In fact, I have difficulty picturing “him” as anything other than a pair of dark eyes looking back at me from the void. Meditating in that endless space fills me with incredible bliss and love. It is my favorite meditative exercise. He certainly doesn’t have horns and a tail, at least not in my perception.

Ave Satanas, everyone, and may peace and love be with you. I hope you have a great weekend. I certainly plan to do so. Naamah and Atem.

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