Relearning Relaxation

June Domagick Day 17

I haven’t worked in the food industry for years, but I spent today at a local farmer’s market selling BBQ products. The crowd snapped up samples almost as soon as I could set them out. I don’t think I’ve ever worked anywhere so busy.

I didn’t find it stressful, though. I looked it as a chance to practice my salesmanship. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed my short shift, other than the wind. Perhaps learning to relax isn’t about picking up a new skill but changing my attitude.

This afternoon I will pray to Ipos and meditate for a short period of time. My son is coming later for dinner and games, so I’ll be dedicating the evening to fun with my family.

(This may be the third weekend I’ve spent relaxing with Ipos, but I’ve carried his disc on my key ring since the beginning of June. For the next little while, I may experiment and try wearing it only when I want to relax. I want to see if that increases my ability to focus. I need to make sure none of the enchantments in my “back-to-school kit” counteract one another. That could happen with so many variables in play.)

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