Relax with Demons

Domagick Day 4

I decided my practical work with Ipos would entail taking time to relax on the weekends in June and July. During that time, I would be mindful of life around me and take time to notice the world outside of work. So far, my plan has gone wonderfully.

On Saturday, my family celebrated two birthdays with dinner out and games afterward. My brother came over on Sunday, and the family played games together again. Visitors two days in a row would normally drive me bugshit, but I had a fantastic time both days.

When my brother left on Saturday, I took a walk in the dog park across the street. I adore the place. Walking along its shady paths always improves my mood. Besides, who doesn’t love puppies?

The perfume of wild roses in bloom lingered around the entire edge of the park. Their pink petals peeked between the trees. I saw apple trees scattered here and there among the birch, and a few lonely cherries too. I stopped once on the trail to appreciate the heat of the sun on my cheeks and offer a small prayer of thanks to Ipos. This weekend was a relaxing break from my usual weekday bustle.

I thanked Vapula too. I drew during a good portion of my free-time this weekend, and it felt like pressure escaping through a release valve every time. I filled five or six pages playing with my new inking pens. I can now say I know fairly well what they are capable of doing. I also had a hell of a good time. Vapula reminded me that learning can be fun; I don’t necessarily need to be as anxious about returning to school as I am.


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