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Privacy and Magick

Domagick Sept 07 2017

I went for spontaneous prayer again this morning instead of one I’d memorized. Something was on my mind, and I hoped for assistance with it throughout the day. My reading certainly indicates today’s connection was strong. It was my clearest Lenormand reading yet, possibly because how hard I concentrated while shuffling, and for how long. I was rather apprehensive about flipping them over today. Perhaps rightfully so! The cards weren’t what I wanted to see, but they did make sense. I’m going to keep this reading private, however. It strays into areas I’d rather not discuss on a public blog.

I find that to be one of the biggest hurdles of the Domagick challenge: deciding which parts of my practice I should talk about and which I should keep to myself. Magicians are often reminded to Know, to Dare, to Will, and to Keep Silent on their road to mastery. The reasoning behind each of these suggestions could become an entire article unto themselves, but in general those who are quiet about their spell work are less likely to dilute its power and mystery. People may want to consider the important of that in the internet age, when so many magicians post daily pictures of their altars and their workings. Yes, that is one way that energy and gratitude can be sent out into the universe. It is also a way those who want to curse you to find out an awful lot about what goes on in your temple, whether physical or astral. The sheer amount of some people put online can be astounding. I’ve heard more than one person argue the putting our private relationships with the Daemonic Divine on display in that way cheapens them. It’s a line that we all have to figure out for ourselves, but I certainly can see their point.

When I am unsure if I should post something, I try to ask myself why. If I am advertising myself or my work, I make damn sure I’m clear I’m selling a service or product. When I hope for feedback or commentary, I ask directly. Occasionally I need to fulfil an obligation, such a pact or even to a challenge like this. Sometimes I realize I’m just bragging. When I realize I’m just feeding my own ego, I rethink what I’ve written. ¬†Maybe I think to damn much, but that’s part committing to blogging. Once you start writing posts, you’re supposed to keep writing them. It’s the editor in me that makes it take so long every day!

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