Precision: Planning is Everything

June Domagick Day 30

Today is the last day of the June Domagick challenge. This time around we were supposed to focus on enchantment, and I chose to draw into my life qualities that would make going back to school easier for me. Over the course of four weeks, I enchanted six key tags in total and used them to attract everything allies to student loan funds.

I’ve blogged about my work every day too, right until the end, so I suppose I successfully completed the challenge. I need to seriously rework my enchantments before I go any further, however. Regardless of whether or not I met the daily Domagick requirements, my enchantments were only 75% successful. Unfortunately, the remaining 25% can be crucial.

For example, it looks like student loan will give me all the money I need to go back to school, but not enough to purchase the laptop I need attend. This jeopardizes my going back at all, of course. It’s impossible to learn graphic design without a computer. I keep kicking myself for my lack of forward planning. If only I’d thought ahead, I’d have been more precise with my enchantments.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

The best thing I can do is learn from this.

What I’ve been doing instead for the past week is spin my wheels. In between trying to figure out where to find the missing funds, I’ve worried maybe I shouldn’t go back to school at all. I’ve wondered if maybe I should stay home and support my partner’s efforts. He’s also returning to college this year—and with full funding, no less, computer and all.

Agh!  Coulda, shoulda, woulda. We’ve been together almost all the time this last month. Theoretically, he’s been within the sphere of my key tags’ enchantment too. Why it would work 100% for him and not me, I don’t know, unless we get down to intent. Maybe he wants it more than I do. Maybe I should stay home. Maybe the universe is telling me something.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I’m right back to spinning my wheels.

Today’s Tarot: Page of Pentacles, reversed. I usually don’t quote Tarot pages, but Biddy Tarot sums this one up perfectly. “…You may be finding it difficult to get a specific project or idea off the ground. Each time you try, it seems to amount to nothing, or it takes you even further away from where you want to be. There is a lack of success here and a mounting frustration that perhaps you will never be able to achieve what you want. You may be losing faith in your talents and abilities. If this is the case, relax, lighten up and give yourself some space and ‘down time’ for a short period. Take a holiday or a break from your usual routine, and you will find that this helps you to re-energise and re-focus.

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