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Prayer for the Nine Daemonic Divinities

candles prayer nine demonic divinites demons daemons demonolatry daemonolatry lenomrandSince it is the last day of the Domagick challenge, I decided to keep my time with the nine Demonic Divinities simple. My typical daily prayer has changed a little over the course of the month. Now it tends to go as such:

This offering is for Lucifer, that I may know enlightenment.
This offering is for Flereous, that I may know desire.
This offering is for Leviathan, that I may know wisdom.
This offering is for Belial, that I may stability.
This offering is for Satan, that I may know the All.
This offering is for Unsere, that I may know bounty.
This offering is for Eurynomous, that I may know rebirth.
This offering is for Amducius, that I may know determination.
This offering is for Verrine, that I may know health.
This offering is for the Nine, that I may know them well.

The extent of my offering depends on the day and my energy level. I’ve included blood every day this month. I know someone who has made daily blood offerings to his patron for years. Not all Daemonolaters do so, however. It isn’t a necessity. I never make blood offerings to my ancestors, for example, nor do I feel that they should be worshiped like gods.

At a recent workshop I attended, we discussed ancestors venerated long enough that they take on the role of Shining Ones: not only representatives of their family line, but guardians of its spiritual might. We certainly hear of such demigods in mythology, often as the forefathers of tribes of people. In these cases, I would research the culture as best I could for reference to appropriate offerings as well as journey on what was best to do. Unfortunately, faith often doesn’t provide neat and tidy solutions.

I plan to keep my ancestral altar up through October. Speaking to my maternal grandfather seems to be going well enough. I haven’t experienced any huge revelations, but I didn’t expect any. I feel more and more comfortable with the process. Considering how estranged I am from my family of origin, that alone is remarkable to me. On the other hand, that I’ve only been touching the surface of ancestral work. This month will be going deeper by looking at my bloodline through the metaphor of a red thread. Since I just spent a month working with the knots of a prayer cord, it only seems right that I start untangling this long yarn.

This will lead to more work with the Death Daemonic. The time of Leviathan is slowly passing. October starts tomorrow, with that month attributed to Eurynomous, the daemon of death. Death leads to rebirth, of course, and the whole cycle begins again.

What will I be showing you here? What I asked the Lenormand what I can do about my public practice, I pulled the Anchor, the Fox, and the Moon. I can read these many ways, but here are two.

The Anchor: stability, security, maintenance, permanence, livelihood, routine

The Fox: trickery, theft, stealth, self-employment, cunning, clever, vigilant

The Moon: reputation, job, talent, work, vocation, creativity, satisfaction, intuition, celebrity

First as past / present / future, I see a time of routine followed by self-employment leading to emotional satisfaction, creativity, talent. In other words, I set up my office, just looked at my first earnings there, and now I’m going where my muse leads. Or, if I read these as a sentence, “A self-employed livelihood works/satisfies.” Why yes! So far it has!

Happy October, everyone. May the blessings of this season smile upon you.

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