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Patience and Forgiveness #domagick day 03

I shouldn’t have known better. Today I attempted my Loving Kindness meditation today after writing a business letter rather than doing it as soon as I got up. Getting into a compassionate mindset felt hypocritical after having spent nearly an hour setting boundaries on paper. This probably says more about my experiences with authority figures than anything else. According to yesterday’s divination, I need to let these kinds of hang-ups go to grow as a person and as a magician.

Today’s body scan went better than yesterday’s, though. I asked my partner to work on my heart chakra last night, and I began to sneeze and cough wildly this morning when I ran energy through the same area. It could be a coincidence, or it could also be what my Reiki teacher calls a “release.” I’ll keep watch on that chakra.

patience and forgiveness domagick meditation chakras mindfulness divination tarot demonsWhen I looked at today’s divination prompt, I realized I mixed up the prompts’ order yesterday. Therefore, yesterday’s prompt was: “Improve physical health by…” When I shuffled by Chakra Wisdom Oracle, two cards fell out: IMPATIENCE and FORGIVENESS.

Looked at separately, Impatience suggests that reacting from a place of scarcity thinking is exhausting my efforts. Forgiveness says I should let go of grudges against myself. Together the cards indicate I need patient self-love. In other words, I should keep going forward with this month’s work—but that I also need to look at my attitude towards work in general. I may be running on the hamster wheel for nothing. I coworker kicked me in the ass about that before my surgery, and I don’t want to fall back into my old habit of overworking myself, especially when it isn’t necessary.

So far the divination prompts have looked at being grounded, physically healthy, and financial secure—all qualities that can be linked to the root chakra. Tomorrow the prompt will deal with that chakra directly. I am starting to think that this deck may very well be Asafoetida’s. I rather like that.

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