Untended Land Spirits

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 2

For the second day of working with our house / land spirits, I offered up tobacco and shared the coffee I was drinking. I also continued with the incense offering and unscripted dialogue, discussing the difficulties we’ve had in finding a certain type of repair service. From there, I moved into a meditation / journey where I concentrated on the borders of our property. Its energy felt scattered, as if it has been undirected for some time. I sensed the land is impatient to be tended, especially in some areas. It was looked after once and longs to be so again.

Our beautiful monster of a rose bush is one such candidate, with arms that reach out in every direction. It’s hardy enough to have spawned a sibling in the neighbor’s yard that is growing wild behind their shed, well over 6 feet high. They don’t seem to care, and I can’t do anything for that particular plant, not that the giant rose bush seems to need much of my help. Our own wild-limbed beauty needs to be looked at before it takes over the whole yard, lovely as the rose bush is. With any luck, some of its rose hips will go into teas this year, and I will get to know the plant on another level, and understand our land yet deeper as well.

When I felt prompted to ask the land spirits about elemental associations they might have (besides the obvious), they indicated a connection to air. It seems I was on the right track with the incense offerings! However, I had thought fire would come up since we have a fire pit in the backyard, but again the neglect shown by the previous owners caused an issue there. The bricks are in need of repair, so rather than the powerspot it could be, it is one needing attention, both physically and spiritually. Again, they impressed their impatience to be looked after. I have a lot of work to do!

House and Land #Spiritwork – Oct 2019 #Domagick Day 1

Hello again! I’ve been away for several months, wrapped up in the minutiae of a family move. Although I’ve shifted from one apartment to another more times than I care to count, this is our first time buying a home. It took us two attempts, with one offer that fell through, before we found the house we wanted. Now our stuff is mostly unpacked, we and our pets have settled in, and it’s beginning to feel like home.

Still, it remains a little strange. I’ve lived in apartments most of my life, so it is unusual to have anything more than a concrete balcony for a backyard. Now, I have a front and back yard filled with plants, some I have yet to identify. I’ve been focused on those repairs that need to taken care of before winter – another thing that is new to me. The landlord has always taken care of repairs before, and now I am the landlord. Oh anxiety!

But I know it doesn’t have to be that way. When I sit on my back deck in the autumn sunlight, I feel peace in the way I used to only in city parks. Now, I have a tiny patch of green right outside my back door.

I want to get to know the spirit of this land and the house on it. I’ve done this and previous apartments, making offerings to the land-wights / spirits of place, and then meditating on their presence or journeying to meet them in the Middleworld version of the apartment. I plan to do the same with this space over the next 30 days for the Domagick Spiritwork challenge in October.

Today, I started off with a simple incense offering and an unscripted prayer / dialogue with the house. This segwayed into a meditation where I tried to both sense any response and the general nature of the house. Its energy seemed warm and what I would deem generous or giving, even invitational. At least, it felt that way until my partner turned on the TV. Then I lost the shape of the meditation to the noise of the distraction. Even so, I wanted to make my offering in the main room of the home, the heart of the place. I just have to broker better time management tomorrow.

June #Domagick #Cleanse Weeks 2 – 4

Man plans and the gods laugh. I had intended on updating my progress weekly, but life intervened regularly. I’m glad that I kept my work for the Domagick cleansing challenge relatively low-key, confining it to daily magickal baths and adopting a vegetarian diet. I was able to keep up both even when my schedule changed with little notice.

I had two goals over the thirty days: to cleanse myself of negative psychic energy with the baths, and to cleanse my system physically with the vegetarian diet. I tracked my mood, my blood pressure, and my weight over 30 days to gauge my progress. With the time completed, I can say my mood undeniably brightened. While my ability to become anxious at the drop of a hat remains the same, my overall stress level is lower. However, I must take into account the lengthening of the days where I live and the growing amount of sunlight we now have. I am outside a good deal because of my job this summer, and that may have also improved my mood as well. Still, I feel the baths have had an effect. The effect of the vegetarian diet is much easier to see. My blood pressure is now in the normal range whenever I test it, and I have lost nearly 11 pounds. I need to wear a belt with my jeans again.

All of these changes encourage me to keep going. There are others to consider too. According to the ProVeg Veggie Challenge, which I used to give me daily pep talks along the thirty days, I have also saved approximately 6 animals, 44.4 kg CO2, and 39,000 liters of water, and 64.8 m2 of land by consuming a vegetarian diet instead of meat. I’ll have to research the absolute veracity of those numbers, but they are certainly something to keep in mind while my country and the world struggles with climate change. It isn’t the definitive answer, but it is something I can do, and it made me feel better. At this juncture, I have nothing to lose – except more weight.

I see no reason not to continue with the magical baths and the vegetarian diet in the foreseeable future.

June #Domagick #Cleanse Week 1

I’m cleansing myself in two different ways in June: with daily ritual baths and by eating a vegetarian diet. I’ve eaten that way for two weeks now, but I only started tracking of the results of both the baths and the diet since June 7, so this was the first “official” week of my June Domagick Cleanse.

Usually, I tune out while bathing. Over the last week, I’ve made sure to be especially mindful of my body instead, noting where it hurts and stores physical tension. Then I visualize this pain leaving my body, along with any other negativity that might currently reside there. I finish up with daily prayers to the Daemonic Divine and exit the bath. So far I can say I start the day more relaxed and centered, if nothing else.

The vegetarian diet has gone well with only a couple of hiccups. First, I didn’t read a label before preparing a soup mix purchased at a local farmer’s market. I took the vendor at his word when he said it would be vegetarian, but it wasn’t. Second, I haven’t enjoyed the Beyond Beef products I’ve tried when they were prepared outside the home, which dashed my hopes of indulging in vegetarian versions of junk-food treats I used to love. Either the texture or the taste made me feel queasy with my first bite, so better not to indulge at all right now.

Despite this, I feel as if my taste buds are waking up. Both fruits and vegetables taste much sweeter than before. This is a wonderfully unexpected benefit of my vegetarian diet, as are all the new recipes my family is coming across. We’ve always been adventurous cooks, and this has only expanded our palates further.


June #Domagick Cleansing Challenge

I’ve taken a significant amount of time off from posting here or on social media. This was partly due to some changes in my schedule which occurred without much notice – all good things, but they still arrived with little warning nonetheless. In the midst of these changes, I came to the end of several projects as well, and needed time to myself to ponder what I wanted to do next.

The goal of the May / June Domagick challenge is to ascend our limitations, alchemize our blocks and cleanse ourselves so we can have a fresh start. I plan to focus on what may seem like practical, perhaps even non-magickal techniques to cleanse myself this month: baths and vegetarian diet. My personal goal is to increase my overall stamina and lower my weight.

I’ve used magickal baths for years as way to cleanse myself physically and mentally of grime and negativity. I have researched a vegetarian diet off and on for some time, but first looked into my city’s restaurant and grocery store options in May when vegan family members came to visit. It was at the tail end of their visit that I began to eat a vegetarian diet. I have maintained it for nine days as of June 7, although I will consider this Day 1 of the challenge. So far I can say that I am feeling lighter, but I have only lost a few ounces of weight.

I am doing this challenge completely for myself, with no worries about “winning.” Therefore, I will only post updates on Fridays, once a week, rather than every day as typically required by the rules. Baths and meals are a little private, anyway! Other than my struggles with making both of these things happen, there won’t be much I can share.

Wish me luck!

Oops! #Domagick #Divination Challenge Days 15 – 30

Oops! I thought I had posted the remainder of March’s Domagick Divination challenge readings, but it seems that I didn’t. I am extremely late in doing so, as you can see. The next one is nearly ready to begin. Anyway, here they are. As with the rest, I chose the type of divination to use based on dice roll. I also changed from reading a single card to triplets on the eighteenth day due to switch things up a little.

15 – Druid Animal Oracle – Goose
16 – Lenormand Triplet
17 – Druid Animal Oracle – Horse and Cat
18 – Druid Animal Oracle Triplet
19 – Ogham Triplet
20 – Lenormand Triplet
21 – Druid Animal Oracle Triplet
22 – Rune Triplet
23 – Rune Triplet
24 – Ogham Triplet
25 – Daemonic Sigils Triplet
26 – Rune Triplet
27 – Rune Triplet
28 – Lenormand Triplet
29 – Druid Animal Oracle Triplet
30 – Daemonic Sigils Triplet

Although I have not been posting recently on Instagram due to sheer business, I continue to read daily – mostly Lenormand. I was gifted with the Vintage Shadow Lenormand Deck, and am greatly enjoying it elegant silhouette and clean lines. It shuffles beautifully too, much like a playing card deck, which is what I prefer. I highly recommend it for these things alone. I’m also getting straight forward, no nonsense readings out of the deck, which I love. The Vintage Shadow Lenormand Deck is a big hit so far, and I greatly recommend it!

#Domagick #Divination Challenge Days 1 – 14

The Domagick Divination challenge is half over, and so is April. For the last two weeks, my daily method has been determined by a roll of the dice. Adding chance to the mix has freshened up my routine a little, at the very least. It’s also helped me determine that, while I may prefer certain divination systems and styles over others, I can read just about anything with which I’m presented. Some systems, like Ogham, were a bit like riding a bike. After a few moments of awkwardness, it felt natural again. Continue reading #Domagick #Divination Challenge Days 1 – 14

Chance Rules the Domagick Divination Challenge

It’s been forever since posted here. I got distracted with the Spring Novelrama. Even though I didn’t hit the 25000-word goal, I managed to finally get my latest Dalliance novella running in the direction I wanted. My thanks go out to my patient friends, family, and editor. Without you all, I would still be writing in circles.

My painting has taken a backseat these last few weeks, with my pace slowing considerably. I am still pushing forward on my oracle deck project, but have only finished two cards this week: Amducious and Unsere. My rendition of Rosier is nearly finished as too but needs accents. Once he is complete, I will have six more to finish to fill out the basic sixteen card set.

Despite this, I have to continue to prioritize writing over art this month and finish my Dalliance novella. I have to complete the rough draft and get it to my editor by May 1st. I’m about halfway there now, but my schedule for the weeks ahead is busy enough to pose a challenge. I know I can do it, but eep!

Whether I like it or not, I won’t get the deck done in time for the April Domagick challenge, starting today. That means I must rely on another form of divination instead. But how to choose which one? To keep things interesting, I have decided to let a roll of the dice decide which system I’ll use each day. Depending on what number the die lands on, that’s what I’ll end up reading.

  1. Tarot
  2. Druid Animal Oracle
  3. Lenormand
  4. Daemonic Sigils
  5. Runes
  6. Ogham

Today I rolled a four, so I pulled a single Daemonic sigil for daily guidance, using my basic sixteen Dukante-based set. The result was Verrine Reversed, indicating imbalance and illness. Indeed, I pulled this card after a shift of work rather than at the beginning of the day and was feeling rundown. It advises me to refresh myself and watch my energy. My guard is down.

As with all my daily divination work, I will be posting these results daily on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), with a weekly update here on the weekend. The goal of this month’s challenge is to actually change our life based on the divinatory work we do each day, so I will close this off to go take a break and meditate! Have a good one!

Spring Awakening

I continue to work on my personal oracle over this last week, painting portraits of Leviathan, Eurynomous, and Astaroth.

I’m particularly pleased with the work I did on Astaroth’s painting, as I’ve struggled to capture her on paper for some time. I also began canvases for Unsere, Verrine, and Amducius. I still have at least eight more cards to go, but I do not think I’ll be able to finish that many by April 1. Even so, I’ll keep at it so that I will have the oracle deck for use for at least part of the next Domagick challenge.

However, I must now set my painting on the back burner and concentrate on a couple of different tasks over the next week instead.

First, I must prepare for the Spring Equinox and the First Rite to Lucifer. In this ritual, I will celebrate him as Lord of the air, enlightenment, and new beginnings. At other times in my life, I have participated in shamanic journey circles dedicated at this time of year to Waking the Bear: a harbinger of spring where I live who begins to emerge from the dream of hibernation around the Equinox. I do not typically associate Lucifer with this animal, fierce and powerful as it is, but I will undoubtedly still journey deep within the Bear’s cave this week to see what both may have to say to me. Now is when the world reawakens and all can be reborn anew.

Right after the Equinox, I’m taking part in a Spring Novelama from March 22 to 25th. The goal is for each participant to produce twenty-five thousand words from the comfort of their own writing cave. I may not hit that target, but I’m dedicated to completing at least one story I have on the go. I’ve set up my entire schedule to focus on those four days.

Wish me luck, and Happy Equinox!

Painting an Oracle – AND A GIVEAWAY

At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to myself that I would only participate in magickal challenges if they genuinely aligned with what I wanted to be doing in my practice. I’ve been lucky so far and have found some fantastic ones each month, either through Domagick.com or divination.challenges on Instagram. (Props to folks who run both.) In March and April, I may have a chance to mingle the gifts of these two resources when the Domagick challenge shifts its focus to “applied divination.”

I’ve been painting my own oracle in preparation. It took three attempts and as many styles to get the first card for Belial. Finally, I settled on creating a random wash, turning and tilting the paper to let the paint pool and dribble as it liked. Once it was dry, I meditated on the background to find his face there, then painted the other layers needed to bring that face into the foreground. I completed two more cards using this technique, one each for Lucifer and one for Flereous. Sometimes we sat together in silence, while other times I used atmospheric music or a drumming disk to accompany my work.

I don’t know how many cards there will be in total, but I was originally hoping to finish sixteen of them before the first of April. At my current rate, I can see that was an optimistic estimate on my part. Along with everything else on my plate, I might get that many done by the end of next month—fingers crossed! That means I’ll more than likely have to use another form of divination for the Domagick challenge in April, but I haven’t decided which kind yet. I’m currently focusing on Lenormand, participating in the March Madness challenge hosted by Patricia Weston on Instagram, but I may wish to switch off by the first.

Lenormand is one of my favorite forms of divination. Sadly, it isn’t as well-known as Tarot yet, so my clients don’t ask for it nearly as often. I’d love to make it just as popular! I find it to be a straight-forward, nonsense way of getting to the heart of a question quickly, without any sidestepping around the issue. To help it shine, I’ll be holding a giveaway on FaceBook later this week (March 10 – 16) of one free Lenormand reading. Make sure to follow me there and look for this graphic!

lenormand reading tarot free contest giveaway divination oracle

More giveaways to celebrate my first love, divination, and the upcoming spring Equinox will follow later in the month. Stay tuned to this space for more details.

Have a good one!