This sigil was made on the square of Mercury. It "reads" LIKE A SNAKE I SHED MY SKIN. #sigils #domagick

Oso – Like a Snake, I Shed My Skin


Before I went to bed last night, I decided to blend my Five Warrior Syllables practice into my Domagick Challenge work for March as such:

Daily Tasks

  • Use the Five Warrior Syllables in some way daily to protect myself against anxiety, pain, and other negativity
  • Interact with the daemons of the Ars Goetia in some way daily to develop more self-compassion
  • Make some sort of art daily to bring beauty and creativity into the world

Other March priorities

  • Finish writing the last two chapters of the class I’m teaching in April
  • Finished other Ars Goetia homework for March
  • Finish WordPress photography challenge
  • Finish Sound Healing class
  • Start reading creativity book
This is the sigil of the daemon Oso, who is also known as Ose or Voso. #oso #demons #domagick
This is the sigil of the daemon Oso, who is also known as Ose or Voso. His enn is “Ayer serpente Oso.”

My work went as planned this morning.

First, I set my intention through prayer and an offering of birch bark to the daemon Oso, who helps open people up to new changes. I chanted his enn nine times, letting my body move as it wished. Although Oso supposedly looks like a leopard according to the Ars Goetia, his enn hints he is tied to serpent energy as well, and I found myself emphasizing the ‘S’ sound and swaying like a cobra as I launched his sigil into the universe.

I then intoned the Five Warrior Syllables, envisioning bright lights at each of my chakra points as I did so. These syllables can clear obstacles of all sorts out of our way, so I feel combining them with my interactions with Oso will be particularly powerful in quieting my anxiety and letting positive changes into my life.

After that, I asked the Thoth deck how I could open myself to change today and pulled the Five of Discs, or “worry card.” It shows a set of gears that are working in harmony with one another. I often feel like I am the one cog that doesn’t quite fit and this causes me a good deal of social anxiety; I feel I am being judged negatively for all the ways I am different. Truthfully, I have no proof this is so most of the time other than gut feelings. I am making assumptions, and the assumptions are making me feel bad. If people are going to reject me, I cannot stop that, but it isn’t doing me any good to reject myself in advance of their leaving. It isn’t doing me any good to play social chameleon, either, as it just takes me farther and farther from my authentic self.

Traditionally, this card could also mean a loss of faith in myself resulted from my relationship with money and how much I believe I am worth. I agree with this one hundred percent. I cannot earn a living as well as I used to because of my health problems and  I regularly feel like I a burden—or worse—due of that. Luckily, this card indicates there people around me who could help change this attitude. It definitely needs to change too.

With that in mind, I created a sigil on the square of Mercury. (Mercury is most associated with change in my mind as is also the planet connected with the demon Oso.) This sigil at the top of this post embodies the phrase “LIKE A SNAKE, I SHED MY SKIN.” That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to shrug off my bad habit like a serpent and glide through life in new, healthy ways.

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