On Hold

Yesterday’s celebration for Amon went well, albeit quietly. After a dinner of honey pork and white wine, I left an offering for him in the woods across the street. I ran energy through the disk I am carrying on my keychain and asked that he help me find allies wherever I go.

I had a difficult time sensing Amon’s energy while leaving the offering. Although it might have been the summer solstice, it was hardly sunny outside. It was pouring rain in the woods, so I had to keep my prayer short. I’ve seen fiery colors whenever I’ve been working on devotional art for Amon, but little else. I haven’t caught any scents, heard anything, etc.

I’m keeping my work today rather scaled back. My partner woke up with a cold and I am feeling under the weather myself today. Besides clothes shopping for school and a walk to charge Amon’s disk again, I’ve done little else, magickally or practically. That’s okay. Some days are meant to be slower than others.

Honestly, I feel as if I am in a bit of a holding pattern. Despite all my busywork getting ready for school now, there’s only so much I can do until my funding comes through and I can purchase a computer, camera, etc. Then I can at least expand my expertise with those. At the moment, I’m twiddling my thumbs.

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