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An Off Day #Domagick 08

Mundane work won out over magickal work today. I woke up, got dressed, and went straight to my desk this morning without stopping for my Loving Kindness meditation, et cetera, first. That was a mistake. By the time I finished my work day, I was tired enough that I didn’t want to meditate for even a half an hour.  I had to argue with myself to get down on the cushion.

While it was easy enough to extend kindness—and forgiveness—to myself for feeling tired, my chakras had already paid the price. All of them moved sluggishly after a day in my desk chair, especially when all I wanted to do was nap. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when I tried to finish my body scan: I felt asleep. Today, my body simply new best. I didn’t need to reattune my chakras. I just needed to sleep.

It was so late when I woke up that I decided against pulling a daily card. Besides, my body knew best exactly how to nourish my sacral chakra without divination. This chakra the one tied sensuality and pleasure, and it was incredibly pleasing just to sleep for a few hours. Afterwards, I concentrated on basking in Asafoetida’s energy and on connecting with her. It remains soft, subtle, like the smell of rose petals.

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