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October 2018 Domagick Summary

Well, this blog is certainly overdue for a post! Luckily, my Domagick summary is incredibly easy this time around.

In short, I invoked spirits daily for thirty days. All of my invocations were what I would deem effective. In other words, I sensed the invited guests with at least some success each time. That doesn’t mean that it felt like fireworks were going off every time. Sometime the sensations were slight. Moreover, I tended to let my day-to-day needs dictate who I communicated with (plus why and how), without any plan to guide my work. By month’s end, the work felt choppy and disconnected because of it, and I had to take greater care with my balancing.

Near the end of October, life events drew me towards working with Lucifer and Verrine for the challenge. Besides invocations, I invited them into my life through art and tried to capture my impressions of them quickly on paper. I wasn’t worried about how well I drew here, but rather getting down what I saw.

All in all, this was a scattered challenge, and I need to attack the next one with a better plan in mind.

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